Best Schools for Architecture & Interior Design in America

Did you know that Formaspace has built custom furniture for more than 350 different educational institutions across the USA, including Harvard GSD? Read more here!


Startup and Student-Led Mini-Satellite Projects Take Flight in Orbit

Read how student-led teams & startup companies alike are revolutionizing human communication — by building & launching their own mini-satellites into space.


What You Need to Know to Start Up a Manufacturing Business

Starting up a manufacturing business? Take a look at 10 factors to consider when planning your new domestic manufacturing facility.


Enhancing Classroom Environments for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Read here everything you need to know to create appropriate, effective, and safe scholastic environments to accommodate the special needs of ASD students.


Wanted: Mid-Tier Manufacturers

What is the problem with American Manufacturing? Why can't we go back to our glory days? Read our angle that will potentially solve the offshoring problem.

Workplace Bulletin

How Social Spaces Help Foster a Creative Corporate Culture

What creative and cultural benefits can a social space design do for your company? Read about our research and interview tips from a Senior HR Manager!

Formaspace News

Formaspace Launches a New Website with Smart Content & 3D Workbench Builder

We launched our new website with smart content like the 3DConfigure and updated industry specific gallery images. Visit our home page for information!

Workplace Bulletin

Visualize This: A Collection of Custom Conference Tables

Read about our collection of custom conference tables and some of our biggest projects to help decide what kind of conference table your office needs!

Workplace Bulletin

Why Does Your Office Need a Makerspace?

Why are companies investing in makerspaces? Read how it sparks a culture of creativity and why you should invest in makerspace furniture for your business!


Summer Renovation Inspiration for Educational Facilities

Summer is here and its time to renovate your educational facility. Read more of our custom furniture design tips for a versatile teaching environment!

Tech Lab

Why Your Service Business Should go Mobile?

Whether your mobile business is tech service or healthcare focused, choosing the right configuration is important. Read more for safety & custom design tips


Design Trends Every Office Can Learn from a College Campus

Research shows that employees thrive in a workplace designed like a college campus. Read more about the 6 design trends that stimulate creativity.


How Using Technology in the Classroom Supports Learning Experience

Are you teaching creatively in the classroom? Read how technology-based teaching methods and collaborative environments help your students learn better!

Wet Lab

5 Core Concepts to Operate a Museum

Want to learn more about the departments and design elements that enhance museum operations? Read these 5 concepts to broaden your museum design approach.


How to Fix the Problem of so Few Women in STEM (Part II)

What can be done to influence young woman and girls to achieve success in STEM careers? Read our 5 practical suggestions to get more involved!


How Can We Rethink Classroom Design?

More and more classroom designs are moving away from traditional, teacher-focused classrooms toward open, flexible layouts. Read more about this shift!


How Manufacturing Companies Get Younger Generations Interested in Manufacturing Careers

As workers in the manufacturing industry retire, it turns out that younger people aren’t interested in taking their place. What can be done? Read more!

Industrial Facilities

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Top for Your Business Furniture

Looking for the top quality American-Made hardwood countertops? Compare which hardwood is right for your workbench project & learn why quality matters!


Is Edutainment Positively Effecting Our Learning?

What effect is technology having on our children's learning? Read this article to learn more about edutainment & how this movement is shaping kid's futures.


Why the Future of Libraries Looks Bright

Will libraries be able to keep up with the times? We think so! Read this article to learn more about how the design and function of libraries is changing.