Drafting Tables

Formaspace creates drafting tables to support your drafting, crafting, and technical drawing needs. A tilting top desk increases visual perception and ergonomics. Our flexible drafting table designs are popular in makerspaces, architecture firms, interior design studios, art schools, and crafting spaces. Options include adjustable, fixed or combo desk tops, custom storage solutions, casters for mobility, hydraulics for height-adjustability, steel pencil lips, and more. Customize your drafting table with different work surface materials, frame sizes, and powder coat colors. Contact your Account Manager today to fulfill your drafting table needs!


Drafting Table Designs

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Architectural Drafting Table

Formaspace drafting tables can be configured as architect tables, effectively offering architects and designers the functionality they require with sleek design aesthetics. The work surface is specifically designed with the option of being cantilevered, where part of the work surface lays flat to provide a workspace for computers and the other part of the work surface can be positioned at different angles to meet your drawing needs. Your made-to-order drafting table will set you up for success in your next design project!

Adjustable Drafting Table

Designed with flexibility in mind, the surface of the adjustable drafting table accommodates your ideal work surface angle or can be stored flat. Adjust the work surface angle to gain better visual control of drawings and help you design more ergonomically and efficiently. Add backlit work surface to improve visibility.

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Drafting Table Applications


Mobile Drafting Desk

Our mobile drafting tables function perfectly in any open office setup or makerspace because it allows users to move their entire workstation. This promotes collaboration and empowers users to find the most productive space for their project.

Ergonomic Drafting Workbenches

Add an adjustable height mechanism to Formaspace drafting tables so that users can work comfortably in a sitting or standing position. Height adjustable workstations help improve user’s long-term health and prevent ailments caused by long-term sitting.

Drafting Table Surfaces

Drafting Desk Accessories

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Add lower shelving systems, under-surface storage compartment, & drawers to store drafting materials and architectural stencils within reach. Need a pencil groove? Ask your Account Manager to include one.


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Modesty & Privacy Panels

Provide user privacy beneath the drafting table with an enclosed desk. The privacy panels can be custom designed to match your design aesthetics and attached on all three sides.

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Drafting Table Chairs

Provide drafting table chairs that increase the users’ productivity and comfort. Consult your Account Manager to find the perfect chair solution to pair with your drafting tables.


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Drafting Table Accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories such as backlit work surface, casters, CPU holders, monitor mounts, power strips, and overhead lights to help you create a more efficient and purposeful drafting workstation.