Sample Processing Lab Benches

Talk to Formaspace about your sample processing laboratory needs, and our design engineers will develop a furniture system unique to your lab that improves productivity and safety. Our lab benches are designed to last and will adjust to your ever-changing lab environment. Contact a Formaspace lab furniture design expert today to address the needs in your sample processing laboratory.


Sample Processing Lab Bench Features

sample processing double bracket workbench

Modular Specimen Processing Furniture

Laboratory automation technology advances rapidly, and your laboratory furniture needs to adapt those changes without downtime. Formaspace integrates heavy-duty sample processing equipment into your workbench, as well as automation equipment. We also provide mobility options for your lab benches.


Ergonomic Lab Benches

Avoid automation mishaps and microscope viewing complications with a durable Formaspace specimen processing workbench that can reduce vibration. We can add mobility and height adjustability to give you a flexible, ergonomic workbench that suits every lab technician and research function. Our furniture solutions deliver mobility, modularity, and stability.

Sample Processing Lab Furniture

sample processing mosaic biosafety cabinet

Biosafety Cabinets

A biosafety cabinet allows researchers and lab technicians to safely work with pathogens or other hazardous materials while maintaining a sterile environment. Let us know your biosafety level requirements.


sample processing mosaic snorkle workbench image

Canopy Hoods & Lab Snorkels

Canopy Hoods vent non-toxic gasses from large equipment. Snorkels consist of a bell mouth and articulating arm connection to capture and remove thermal updrafts.

Sink workstation with upper and lower storage.

Sink Workstations

Many sample processing tasks require a water supply and drainage. Our sink workstations can be customized with most of our available customization options.

Services conduit ceiling panel for laboratories.

Ceiling Service Panels

Oxygen, water, electric and all manner of gases and liquids can be readily available at your lab’s workstations with our ceiling services panels and vertical lab conduits.

sample processing mosaic reagent shelf workbench

Reagent Shelving System

Reagent shelves are typically double-sided, adjustable island or peninsula shelving systems. Usually ordered as open shelves, you also have the option of steel cubbies or cabinets.


sample processing mosaic laboratory chair

Lab Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are critical to your operators’ level of productivity and comfort. We have a wide range of chair options to suit your laboratory seating requirements.


Accessories for Lab Workbenches

sample processing lower cabinets quadruple bracket image

Lab Cabinets & Drawers

Store supplies in an undermount cabinet. Stay organized with easily accessible items in drawers. Add upper cabinets for additional storage space. Visit our cabinets page for our standard cabinet offerings.

Overhead Service Carrier

Get access to services like electrical, data, telephone, lighting, plumbing, and local exhaust systems throughout your laboratory. Service carriers can be suspended or mounted flush to the ceiling of the lab. We’ll even integrate and match your overhead service carrier with your Formaspace workbenches.

Lab Sinks, Eye Wash & Safety Showers

If you’re using corrosive materials, you’ll need an eye wash and quick drenching station, such as a safety showers. We also offer stainless steel and epoxy sinks, as well a wide variety of faucets and other plumbing equipment.

Sample Processing Pegboards

Hang drying racks near the washing stations for all your laboratory glassware and containers. Designated washing and drying areas keep your laboratory organized and productive. Get your pegboards in your desired material such as epoxy, phenolic, stainless steel, or HDPE.

Specimen Processing Furniture Worksurfaces