Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies distribute millions of prescription medications each year. Having the right furniture solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency is vital. Formaspace has worked extensively with pharmaceutical labs to customize the right solutions for their needs, no matter how complicated. Talk to your Account Manager today to see how Formaspace can collaborate with you for the best possible solution for your pharmaceutical facility or lab.


Pharmaceutical Lab Applications

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Benches

Formaspace builds ergonomic workbenches to prevent workers fatigue when focusing on small pharmaceutical elements. We work with you to understand the core of your production to create purpose-filled workstations and highly organized storage units either for light manufacturing facilities or cleanrooms. Formaspace workbenches will help you achieve drug manufacturing regulations.

R&D Laboratory Benches

Pharmaceutical research and pre-formulation are integral stages for the industry, so making sure you can increase throughput while reducing errors and potential contamination is important. We’ll develop a furniture system unique to your research lab that improves productivity and efficiency.

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ergonomic classroom tables

Clean Room Furniture

Understanding your ISO 14644 clean room classifications or Federal Standards 209E for your pharmaceutical facility is an important step in finding the right furniture solution. Formaspace clean room experts will work with you to design benches, cabinets and integration stations.


Lab Carts

Being able to move instruments and ingredients around quickly with Formaspace mobile lab carts can increase the effectiveness of your pharmaceutical operation. Custom carts can be designed and built for your task-specific need. High-load capacity and custom sizes available upon request.


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Pharmaceutical Packaging Workstations

ergonomic classroom tables

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height adjustment options are critical for accommodating ergonomics for your employees. Three different height adjustability options are available based on the frequency of height repositioning and your budget.

Shelving & Cabinets

Having the right shelving solutions in place to maintain a safe and contamination-free environment is important. You can order open shelves, but you also have the option of steel cubbies or steel cabinets. Cabinets can be sealed shut and come with glass panels for increased visibility. Based on your application and the chemicals used in your environment we will work with you to provide the correct shelving solution.

Scale cut-outs

The placement of your facility’s scales can make or break your level of efficiency. We create scale cut-outs in the work surface of your lab benches that are specific to your weighing equipment. Beneath the cut-out, we add custom shelves to house the scale, making it flush to the work surface.