Life Sciences Laboratory Furnishings

Our laboratory furnishings for life sciences labs are specialized pieces of furniture and equipment designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of laboratories in the fields of biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and more. The right furnishings are critical for creating a functional and safe workspace for research, experimentation, and analysis. Formaspace offers a wide variety of custom lab furnishings for life sciences industries.


Biotech Furniture

In the multidisciplinary field that combines biology with various other disciplines to develop and apply innovative techniques, tools, and products for the benefit of living organisms, successful laboratories are cognizant of design, layout and furniture. Formaspace has outfitted several prominent biotech laboratories and our design team is ready to assist biotech companies with new lab development or lab redesigns.

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Lab benches and workstations serve as the primary workspace for researchers working with clinical data. We offer several types of workstations, all of which are customizable and can include upper or lower storage, shelving and ergonomic worksurfaces.  Other custom options include multi-monitor mounts, electrical outlet arrays, surface grommets and other features designed to help keep researchers organized.


Our R&D workstations offer chemical-resistant surfaces to withstand chemical exposure. We provide several options ideal for research and development including built-in sinks, services conduits, overhead lighting and integrated storage for lab equipment and supplies.  We can customize any of our workbenches and workstations for your specific R&D requirements.

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Life Sciences Furniture

Our lab furnishings for life sciences labs meet or exceed industry and safety standards to ensure the well-being of lab personnel and the integrity of research results. The choice of furnishings will depend on the specific type of research being conducted and the particular needs of the laboratory.

ergonomic classroom tables


Our lab workstations are highly customizable. Whether you need sinks, uprights with storage or lighting, lower storage or any other configuration, we can build it for you. Our ability to customize our Basix and Benchmark workbenches for any lab’s requirements make them ideal for life sciences disciplines such as biochemistry, neurology, microbiology, ecology, molecular biology and more.


The casework requirements of life sciences labs can change over time. Wouldn’t it be great if your casework could easily adapt to those changes? Formaspace offers modular casework with our RGX line. Unlike fixed casework, RGX modular casework ships flat pack and assembles with ease, equating to significant savings versus fixed casework. A laboratory can expand with RGX casework to fit layout changes within their facility and the casework can be easily customized.

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From our FLX line of workbenches that incorporates electrical connections into the frame to ceiling panels and service conduits to fume hoods and more, we are a full-service lab furnishing supplier.  Laboratory layouts are dependent on clean concise service lines that are both reliable and reliably out of the way of worksurfaces.  Our products are designed to provide just that – all the connections you require with seamless integration.


Formaspace can provide fixed casework for labs from conception to completion. Our design team can work with you to create custom lab casework with upper and lower cabinetry designed specifically for your facility, including all accoutrements such as drying racks over sinks, fume hoods and more. Our casework has been rigorously tested and is SEFA (Scientific Equipment Furniture Association) compliant.

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Life Sciences Laboratory Equipment Tables

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Microscope Tables

Our microscope tables are designed with ergonomics in mind, allowing researchers and clinicians to sit comfortably with full access to the scope and ample worksurface space on each side, perfect for extended working sessions.

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Tables for Lab Instruments

Formaspace offers tables specifically made for a variety of common lab equipment, such as DNA sequencers, centrifuges, mass spectrometers, cell counters, homogenizers, microplate readers and sealers and much more.

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Laboratory Balance Tables

For your most highly sensitive equipment that must remain calibrated for optimal performance, Formaspace offers balance table with anti-vibration feet and fully welded construction.

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Specimen and Sample Mobile

Our specimen and sample carts and trolleys are used for transporting equipment, supplies, and samples within the lab. They are made to last and easy to clean and sterilize.

Life Sciences Work Surfaces

From samples and specimens to reactive chemicals, life science lab furniture can be exposed to some fairly dangerous and even corrosive materials. In addition to other options, Formaspace offers our workbenches, workstations, lab islands, lab carts, backsplashes, drying racks and other products with stainless steel, epoxy resin and phenolic resin chemical resistant surfaces to ensure easy cleanup, easy disinfecting and a long lifespan.

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Non-toxic and with a high mechanical strength, stainless steel is often used for wet lab worksurfaces. It’s highly corrosion resistant, compatible with many chemicals without risk of material degradation or contamination and resistant to the long term effects of UV light. And, of course, stainless steel’s malleability means it can be formed into any custom surface our customers require.


Epoxy resins can be modified to achieve a wide range of properties by altering the formulation, including chemical resistance. Our epoxy worksurfaces are formulated to withstand even the most rigorous lab environments, with chemical resistance that far exceeds the capabilities of standard epoxy formulations. As with stainless, we can create epoxy resin worksurfaces in custom dimensions.

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Phenolic resins are known for their durability and long-term performance. They have a proven track record in various demanding applications and environments and laboratories are no exception. Their chemical resistance, stability and mechanical strength are on par with epoxy resin but with the added benefit of superior flame resistance.