Product Ordering

Product Ordering and Planning is the most important element of forming a new space. Our friendly and skilled account managers will lead you through a structured furniture design process, considering needs common to your industry and application. Review common application notes below or contact your Account Manager today.




Application Questions

What type of application are you purchasing these benches for?

  • Computer workbench (including ESD workbenches)
  • Computer Assembly and/or Repair
  • Electronic Components Assembly and/or Repair
  • Other Electronics Assembly or Repair

LAN Station

  • Size and number of servers on the lower shelf?
  • (clearance underneath to fit the servers is critical)

Assembly Operations

  • Different tops available for a broad range of applications

Material Handling / Packing Benches

  • Are benches to fit with a conveyor system for continuous workflow?
  • Would a roller ball top be required for ergonomics as well as workflow?

What tasks will you perform at these benches?

  • How important is flexibility in your environment?
  • This may indicate a need for casters, extra shelving, extra power, or fully articulating arms
  • How much surface area is needed?
  • Are there any critical application requirements?
  • Special top requirement?
  • ESD Package – with Grounding Block and Wrist Straps
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Phenolic Resin
  • Maple Block
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Special flooring requirements?
  • Space limitations, including hallways, elevators, and doors, which may require smaller furniture sizes or bolt together construction?

Productivity Considerations

  • What is your workflow?
  • How does material arrive and depart from the area?
  • Does material arrive in person, via a rack system, or a conveyor?
  • How will you lay out the work area for maximum productivity?
  • What tools and storage will you need at these stations?
  • What weight capacity will you need?
  • Are locks required?
  • How is flexibility important to you in your work environment?
  • What are your electrical requirements and lighting requirements?
  • Do you have any special requirements, such as chemical sinks, gas, air, or water services, or fume hoods? How will you lay these out for maximum flexibility and productivity?

Work Quality Considerations

  • What are your lighting requirements?
  • Is light reflection or dissipation an issue?
  • Color can influence appearance, but also productivity and safety, particularly in high-throughput environments.
  • How important is durability in your environment?

Safety Considerations

  • How many shifts will use this workstation, and how many different users will use each area per shift?
  • Will you be sitting or standing at these stations?
  • Are there special materials requirements? For example, VOC, porosity, or appearance requirements?
  • How wide do you need to design aisles?

Don’t wander through these questions alone. Call our skilled design consultants for a no-obligation consultation today at 1.800.251.1505! If you’re not quite ready for a quote, fill out the form at the top left corner of this page for free informational downloads.

Did you know? The average American production worker spends about 30% of his time walking or trying to find appropriate tools to complete his job each year – that’s about $12,000 per worker, per year! That’s more than one hundred times the cost of a bench during its design lifetime.