School Furniture

Educators have come to appreciate the importance of the built environment in fostering a healthy educational space for their students. Whether in the classroom, a library, an experiential lab, or your own specialized educational environment, Formaspace has worked with over 400 universities in the United States to deliver furniture solutions specific to your needs. Talk to your Design Consultant today to take advantage of our proven educational experience. 


Classroom Design

ergonomic classroom tables

Ergonomic Classroom Tables

Depending on your classroom environment, chances are your tables will be used for several purposes. You may have a wide age variety in the student body you are serving, or several locations where you might need to move the tables. Nesting, foldable, and height adjustable solutions are popular in classrooms. Formaspace Design Consultants work with you to keep the comfort and safety at the forefront of the furniture design to help you build the best possible learning environment.

Standing Student Desks

Students come in all shapes and sizes, and not all students learn in the same way. Having furniture that gives you the flexibility to accommodate your students’ individual needs and comfort is essential to a healthy educational environment. For instance, you can add height adjustability to allow your classroom desks to become standing desks for students who learn best with periods of standing.

Teachers’ Desk

Educators can spend a lot of time at their desks. Teacher morale and effectiveness can be improved with furniture that considers comfort, visual appeal, and the right storage and ergonomic accommodations.

teachers desk
ergonomic classroom tables

School Lab Benches

Whether it is for a technical school that offers hands-on education, or a school lab that needs to accommodate experiments with chemicals, Formaspace Design Consultants are here to design and manufacture your next school lab project. As a U.S. lab bench manufacturer since 1981, we build furniture for various types of school labs including but not limited to science labs, chemistry labs, biology labs, physics labs, technical education labs, etc. Contact us today to start your next school lab bench project.

Educational Furniture Applications

school laboratory furniture


Our experience with a wide variety of specialized labs makes us a great facilities partner. Your Design Consultant will help you outfit educational, research, and other types of labs with chemical resistant surfaces, lockable storage, and more.


education makerspace furniture


Educational institutions have been on the forefront of adding makerspaces into their educational offerings, whether for arts and crafts purposes or tinkering with technology and tools. Ask your Design Consultant how Formaspace can improve your makerspace.


education library desks


Library usage can be impacted by how inviting and functional your furniture is. Technology trends for libraries are constantly changing, and we can help make sure your furniture stays ahead of the curve.
school cafeteria furniture

Cafeteria Furniture

Formaspace creates durable cafeteria furniture solutions that meet the needs of high traffic areas and match or enhance the appearance of the rest of your school furniture.


formaspace furniture for an education office

Office Spaces

Don’t forget about the important role administrative staff play in creating and operating educational environments. Formaspace manufactures administrative office furniture that is attractive and customized to your specifications.


educational conference tables

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are essential in both educational administrative settings and in acting as learning environments. Get the most out of your conference room with flexible, customized furniture manufactured by Formaspace.







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