Enterprise Workplace Design Projects

At Formaspace, we deal with projects of all sizes. Some clients might need a custom workbench or two to complete a build out, but most of the time, large-scale clients come to us with enterprise-level requirements for contract furniture design and manufacturing. Our large-scale custom manufacturing capability is ideally suited for the execution of complex furniture needs. Talk to your Account Manager today and we can get started on making your project timeline our top priority.

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Large Scale Design & Manufacturing

The large group of Formaspace experts make sure you don’t get a single contact for large projects – you get an entire team. Our dedicated team of consultants, project managers, and senior team leaders will execute your project from start to finish. Every enterprise project will have a dedicated project manager who will be familiar with every phase of your project, from sales to interfacing with our design and production team, to the final installation.


Enterprise Services

Rapid Plant Assessment

Part of what we can offer at the enterprise level is our expertise in conducting Rapid Plant Assessments, or RPAs. We have experience observing the current state of your operations and coming up with solutions that can improve the efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of your facility. For more information visit our Site Survey page.



For enterprise jobs, Formaspace will provide members of our team, including your project manager, for the installation of your order. We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly and is installed with the level of care you would expect from our deep, collaborative engagement.


Contract Furniture Design

A pillar of our furniture services is our ability to custom design solutions for you. We bring years of experience to the laboratory and industrial furniture market. We work with you to make sure that your furniture solutions are right for your workflow and environment.


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