Product Assembly

If you have any questions about Product Assembly at all, please call your design consultant directly. Every Formaspace employee, from reception to shipping, knows how to assemble our basic products. We are standing by, ready to help you!



Assembly FAQ

I have extra hardware. What is it for and what do I do with it?

Formaspace is the only company in our industry which ships every order with a small amount of extra hardware. We do this to ensure you have everything you need, even if you happen to lose or cross-thread a few small items while assembling your furniture. If you don’t need the extras, hang on to them for future upgrades and expansion!

Where are the assembly instructions for my order?

Formaspace ships a full package of instructions with every order. The instructions are located with your packing list and small hardware in a small box, which is marked with a bright blue Formaspace label and attached to the top of your Formaspace order inside the shipping crate by means of stretch wrap and/or banding. As a back up, instructions for all our basic products are also e-mailed upon the shipment of every order. If you can not find your instructions, please call Formaspace service directly at (800) 251-1505 so we can e-mail you new ones and walk you through your order. For your convenience, we have also included links to the assembly instructions at the bottom of this page.

I placed a large order. I have a partial packing list, but am missing hardware and assembly instructions. Where are they?

To save you money, we split your large order into two or more smaller shipments. Your hardware and shipping instructions are conveniently included all in one place on the earliest shipment.

If you can not find your instructions or hardware, or are missing an entire part of your order, please call Formaspace service directly at (800) 251-1505.

For your immediate use, please download copies of the assembly instructions below. Please note that not all of the directions below will pertain to your order. If you require assistance with this or any other matter, please contact Formaspace.


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