Manufacturing Workstations

Ready to improve productivity? Formaspace manufactures workbenches for LEAN manufacturing environments. When efficiency and durability matters, trust our team to create task-specific furniture systems. Here, we build 5S solutions. Our industrial designers provide a consultation complete with 2D drawings. Talk to one of our Account Managers to get started on your furniture project today.


Manufacturing Facility Services

integrated custom manufacturing workbench

Rapid Plant Assessment

With over 30 years in furniture fabrication and an in-depth knowledge of LEAN manufacturing, our senior leaders provide consultation services that include site surveys, operator interviews, and current state process evaluation. Book your RPA appointment to see the highest return on your manufacturing workstation investment.

Ergonomic Work Bench Integration

Formaspace excels in factory solution-based furniture to create a safe and ergonomic work environment for end users. We allow you to seamlessly increase production throughput by integrating Formaspace workbenches with your automation and conveyor systems. Integrate Formaspace workstations in your factory to gain flexibility, controlled mobility, durability, and high capacity storage.

Manufacturing Workbench Applications

Heavy Duty Manufacturing Workbench

Formaspace heavy duty benches can handle a load capacity up to 20,000 lbs making them ideal for handling substantial parts and bulky equipment. Our frames are created out of 2” tubular steel – and can be made with stronger steel upon request – with support added to the balance points. Top it off with a durable work surface, add heavy duty casters for mobility, and make it height adjustable if needed. Inform your Account Manager of your weight requirements, and we’ll build benches that work harder so you don’t have to.

six legged heavy duty manufacturing workbench with hardwood top
custom light duty manufacturing workbench with shelves

Light Duty Manufacturing Workbench

For light to moderate manufacturing facilities, Formaspace builds ergonomic workbenches to prevent workers fatigue when focusing on small detailed components. We zero in on the core of your production to increase efficiency through purpose-filled workstations and highly organized storage units to create a Lean 5S manufacturing facility.

Industry Specific FACTORY Workbench

No matter the industry, we can design workbenches, workstations, islands, or tables that meet your facility’s unique needs. From light-duty fabric cutting tables for the textile industry to extremely heavy-duty aircraft engine assembly tables with custom cutouts for the aviation industry, our manufacturing capability allows us to provide our customers with furnishings that increase productivity and stand up to the rigors of time and use.

fabric cutting table

Manufacturing Workstation Countertops