Fume Hoods

Formaspace will assist you with any type of fume hood, including ADA compliant fume hoods, conventional (bypass CAV) hoods, add air, acid, radioisotope, bench-mounted, VAV, walk-in, light duty and more. Inform your Account Manager of your needs, and Formaspace will help you complete your project with the right fume hood for any lab requirement.


Lab Fume Hood Types

wet lab bench mounted air flow fume hood

Laminar Flow Hood

Laminar air flow is the smooth, fluid, parallel flow of air in a consistent direction. Laminar flow hoods are ideal for applications that are not hazardous for laboratory operators but require a clean work area. Both floor-mounted and bench-mounted laminar airflow hoods filter through a HEPA or ULPA filtration system to decontaminate the work zone from fumes during laboratory application.

Ductless Fume Hood

Depending on the chemicals you process and the lab’s air ventilation system limitations, ordering ductless fume hoods may be a great choice. Formaspace provides ductless enclosures come with carbon, HEPA or combined filters.

wet lab bench mounted bypass fume hood
wet lab benchtop fume hood

Bench Top Fume Hoods

Bench-mounted fume hoods are available for integration with fixed casework or modular workbenches. Formaspace custom designed workbenches enable you to host fume hoods of any size and configuration.

Walk-in Fume Hoods

If you need to handle odors and fumes from a large apparatus like drums, processing units, and distillation assemblies, walk-in fume hoods can be a good option for your lab requirements. Walk-in fume hoods allow you to set up your large equipment in an efficient and safe manner.

wet lab floor mounted laminar flow fume hood

Other Laboratory Products

wet lab fume hood biosafety cabinet

Biosafety Cabinets

Formaspace biosafety cabinets allow you to maintain the sterilization of certain materials or to provide decontamination of pathogens, based on your biosafety level.

wet lab fume hood glove box

Glove Box

Sealed glove boxes let you create a purity inert atmosphere or work with hazardous substances.

acid storage cabinets

Acid Storage Cabinets

Our acid storage cabinets are designed to hold high purity, A,C. S. grade acids and associated solutions safely and securely. They are developed for containment to keep your lab safe.


Chemical resistant cabinets

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Formaspace manufactures chemical storage cabinets from robust, high grade steel for ultimate chemical resistance and years of safe use.


wet lab wall mounted peg board and double sink

Wall Mounted Shelves & Pegboards

Adjustable wall shelving provides flexible storage. Shelves can be moved based on changing needs. Our pegboards are built with epoxy, phenolic, and stainless steel.


wet lab fume hood reagent shelf with gas water and air utilities

Laboratory Reagent Shelves

Our laboratory reagent shelves are popular addition to our islands and FabWall™ products. They provide additional storage for reagents, bottles, and other equipment.


wet lab fume hood overhead service carrier

Overhead Service Carrier for Laboratories

We manufacture overhead service carriers, which combine your electrical, data, communication, and utility lines. These structures attach to the ceiling above your lab benches and can be powder coated to match your lab design.


wet lab fume hood oxygen carrier rack

Oxygen Racks for Labs

Oxygen cylinder racks are designed and made-to-order considering the highest safety standards. Different sizes, materials, number of tank slots, and configurations are available.