Lab Partition Modules

The customizable and adjustable FabWall™ is a patented laboratory system ideal for labs seeking future flexibility. FabWall™ divides laboratory floor plans into discrete workspaces; it is cubicles for lab spaces, allowing independent research to happen in the same lab. As research grants shift, so can your laboratory. Simply remove the demising panels that separate lab spaces and build hubs for research teams to interact and work together. Add more dividers to subdivide the space further. FabWall™ is a significantly less expensive and more flexible solution than fixed casework. Formaspace is proud to be the only commercial manufacturer in the U.S. to provide FabWall™, a flexible lab partition system. Contact us today for more information!


FabWall™ partitions consist of the following parts:
End Frames | Center Frame | Upper H-frame | Intermediate Frame | Floor Frame | Demising Panels


Custom configure your FabWall™ to your lab project through shelving, surfaces, cabinetry, pedestals, and parts.

  • 3 Shelf depths: 12”, 15”, 18”
  • Phenolic, stainless, epoxy, high-pressure laminate, or steel shelves
  • Phenolic, stainless, HPL, or epoxy surfaces
  • 1/4″ Acrylic or phenolic demising panels
  • Mobile pedestals, fixed case goods, and/or adjustable cabinets
  • Custom materials and configurations


Add accessories to your FabWall™ modules to increase system functionality.
Power Strip | Monitor Arm | Sink | Faucet | Pedestal | CPU Bracket | Light



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