Testing Lab Workbenches

The demands placed on testing labs have grown exponentially over the last decade as new protocols, procedures and safety measures are being adopted and implemented. From additional lab equipment to filtration to sample storage and disposal, the modern testing lab requires more consideration of placement and workflow than ever before. Formaspace has worked with many of the top testing labs in the US to configure testing lab workbenches, workstations, islands, mobile carts, casework and other lab furnishings designed to ensure optimal, efficient testing in an environment conducive to accuracy and operational longevity.


Oil & Gas Testing Labs

From crude oil assay to gas chromatography to trace metal analysis, petroleum testing lab requirements are highly unique and present a wide range of workflow considerations. Formaspace’s custom furniture manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to partner with several oil and gas testing facilities to implement functional, robust, well designed lab spaces offering state of the art testing to the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

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Formaspace’s manufacturing process for the majority of our custom furniture products involves fully welded framing, a choice of countertop suitable for the type of testing being undertaken and optional add-ons such as anti-vibration feet, upper or lower tier storage and more. Our products can be tailored for the specific needs of petroleum testing laboratories not only in size, shape and technical requirements but for unsurpassed functionality as well.


We do more than serve the petroleum industry on the laboratory and testing side. Our workstations are robust enough for oil rig component maintenance such as drill bit sharpening and alignment. We have outfitted both drilling contractors and E and P companies with workbenches that have proven their value in both mobile repair rigs and on-site installations.

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Testing Lab Furniture

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Our FLX line is a revolutionary concept in testing lab furniture. The strength and customization of our fully welded offerings in a flat pack format for easy shipping and quick assembly.

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We offer ductless full capture fume hoods to serve the needs of testing labs in a variety of verticals for zero emissions outside and clean, safe air in the laboratory.

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RGX is our line of modular casework that allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration within your testing lab. As workflow requirements change, RGX is highly adaptable.

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If your testing lab requirements call for fixed casework, Formaspace is ready to assist. We’ve manufactured and installed fixed casework in hundreds of laboratories across the US and Canada.

Cannabis Testing Labs

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Cannabis testing is a fast growing commercial enterprise and while there are several labs offering the service, formal testing procedures for strain, THC and other important data points are still being reworked and refined for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Formaspace can offer cannabis labs custom furnishings that will allow for maximum flexibility in laboratory workflow and processes. As the industry (and subsequently lab requirements) change, our lab furnishings are designed and manufactured to accommodate these changes.

Cannabis Testing Workstation

Cannabis testing lab technicians require more than just a stable worksurface from a workstation. They need ample space, lighting and storage for machinery and components as well as any chemical or biotechnical solutions used in the testing process. Surfaces should be appropriately ESD or chemical resistant and the layout should be conducive to an efficient workflow. Formaspace can custom manufacture workstations of just about any size imaginable for the cannabis testing industry.

Mobile Lab Equipment Bench 

Some lab equipment needs to be mobile, and if your cannabis testing lab has these requirements, Formaspace has a well proven solution. Our mobile equipment benches are more than just tables with casters. They’re designed to offer unparalleled stability when stationary or on the move, ensuring your precision equipment is always ready and reducing or eliminating downtime from recalibration. We can customize these cabinets for additional storage as well.

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Lab Island

Workstations are ideal for many lab testing procedures, but if you want to truly streamline testing on a large scale, lab islands are an ideal option. Our manufacturing capability can produce lab islands in just about any size, with any number of accoutrements and customization options specifically for your cannabis testing lab.

Water Testing Labs

Chemical and microbiological tests that water testing laboratories utilize can wear down the lab’s worksurfaces and casework, especially over time. Formaspace has spent decades refining our products and increasing our worksurface options in order to offer laboratories furnishings that will stand the test of time. Our fully welded, powder coated frames and epoxy, phenolic resin, stainless and laminate tops offer the reliability and wear resistance labs have come to expect from Formaspace.

Water Testing Workstations

Whether testing for PH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, nutrients or the presence of heavy metals, a water testing workstation should not only provide you with a suitable worksurface, but also give lab personnel ready access to the testing mediums, chemicals and machinery being utilized. Our workstations and workbenches can be customized to accentuate your processes, because you shouldn’t have to alter your workflow based on the limitations of your lab furnishings.

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Biosafety Cabinets

From waterborne viruses and bacteria to chemical pollutants, isolating potentially dangerous test samples is a serious concern. Our biosafety storage cabinets and biosafety testing stations are designed for safe, isolated storage and testing, greatly reducing the opportunity for samples that pose a risk to contaminate the surrounding laboratory or lab personnel.

Drying Racks/Pegboards

For the most common water tests, the ability to air dry glassware while reducing the possibility of cross contamination is paramount to best practices procedure. Our pegboards and drying racks are available in epoxy resin, stainless steel and even phenolic resin to suit your lab’s unique needs. We offer a multitude of standardized sizes and can offer custom sizes for some of our material mediums.

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Soil Testing Labs

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Whether testing for acidity, salinity, nutrient content or contamination, soil testing is a necessary and oft overlooked component of successful agriculture endeavors. But soil testing extends well beyond food production and is often utilized by entities varying from large scale commercial developers to government agencies such as the EPA. Formaspace has extensive experience in providing labs with custom furnishings designed to complement the distinctive testing processes inherent in soil assessment.

Soil Testing Workstations

Whether your process requires sinks; services conduits; custom cutouts; probe, sampler or dissolution machine storage or even offset data entry capabilities, we can custom manufacture soil testing workstations to your specifications, ensuring the ease of workflow and the functionality you need. Our designers are ready to assist you with almost unlimited customization options to ensure you get exactly what you require.

Sample Storage Cabinets

Keeping samples well organized and away from potential contamination sources is paramount to quality testing. Our sample storage cabinets offer secure storage that will minimize the risk of cross-contamination and help keep samples safely out of the way until ready for testing. We offer a variety of cabinet options suitable for soil and agricultural samples.

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Food Testing Labs 

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Food testing is a necessary part of the process by which food products are manufactured. Food is one of the most highly regulated commodities, and for good reason. As pathogens make their way into the food supply, comprehensive analysis of food products serves as a safety barrier to both the public and livestock animals. In addition, food testing offers both chemical and nutritional analysis, which manufacturers rely on for accurate labeling. Formaspace offers a variety of furnishings for food and drug testing labs to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Testing Lab Casework

The Formaspace team has provided custom casework for many high-level testing labs, including the largest food and drug diagnostic lab in the US. We understand the needs of food and drug testing facilities and offer highly customized solutions to fit both your facility and workflow. Our highly skilled design, manufacturing and installation personnel are available to assist your testing laboratory from conception to completion.

Microscope Table

Whether a microscope or any other piece of lab equipment (centrifuges, mass spectrometry machines, etc.), Formaspace can create a custom solution. Our lab equipment tables can be manufactured in just about any size. We offer everything from mobile carts and tables for machines that frequently make the rounds within your lab to anti vibration platforms for your most highly calibrated equipment. We can also provide custom cutouts for any surface as well as storage for equipment accoutrements.

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Countertops Comparison Chart

Please note that all the comparisons mentioned here were compiled based on product information available from product brochures and manufacturer test results applying different chemicals. Formaspace did not perform any tests under similar conditions to compare the countertops listed below.

LAB APPLICATION Heavy Duty Moderate Moderate Moderate to Heavy Duty Light Duty to Moderate
CORROSIVE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE High Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
CARBON-BASED CHEMICAL RESISTANCE High Moderate Moderate High Moderate
TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE High Moderate Moderate to High High Poor
LEAD TIME Long Moderate Longer than others Long Quick
MATERIAL Silica and resin based Paper & resin based Paper & resin based Stainless Steel Plastic based
SAMPLE ENVIRONMENTS Chemical, Industrial Medical, Clinical, Bio-science Medical, Clinical, Bio-science Food Service, Medical, Clinical Marine Biology, Food & Beverage
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