Cleanroom Design for Wet Lab

Formaspace experts are here to design workbenches, cabinets, and mobile carts for your cleanroom. Design Consultants will work with you to create the most efficient clean room furniture layout. We design and manufacture furniture for both the clean room itself as well as transitional areas to help you create a controlled environment free of bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens. Talk with one of our Design Consultants about your requirements to start furnishing your clean room.


Wet Lab Cleanroom Services

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Cleanroom Installation

Formaspace installs clean room furniture as part of our installation services. Our team knows the ins-and-outs of our product and can quickly and efficiently get you up and running.

Clean Room Requirements & Classification

Understanding the specific requirements and classification of your clean room is an important step in providing the right furniture system solution. Formaspace Design Consultants will work with you to furnish your clean room to meet your specific demands.

Clean Room Furniture Options

Clean Room Work Surfaces

Even though the majority of clean room applications require stainless steel work surfaces, we also offer chemical resistant phenolic, epoxy, and HDPE when those surfaces best meet your needs.

Clean Room Shelves

Depending on your clean room set up, shelving might be the right storage option for you. Formaspace will work with you to provide a safe and contamination-free solution. The same worktop materials are also available for all shelving.

Clean Room Cabinets

Formaspace offers an extensive range of stainless steel, epoxy, phenolic, and polypropylene clean room cabinets including, but not limited to, biosafety cabinets, flame cabinets, acid cabinets, and UVC sterilization cabinets.

cleanroom laboratory mobile workbench with overhead lights

Clean Room Fume Hoods

Protect researchers from released chemical gas. Formaspace offers laminar flow or ductless fume hoods depending on your filtration and air flow system. Contact your Design Consultant for available fume hoods or to have us custom design lab benches to integrate with your existing fume hood.

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Cleanroom Gowning Benches

Transition areas are a possible entry point for contaminants like dust or airborne microbes. Formaspace gowning benches allow lab technicians to suit up in these transition areas.

heavy duty stainless steel clean room gowning bench
clean room esd testing station workbench to carry fume hood

Clean Room Mobile Racking Systems

Clean rooms occasionally require racking. Formaspace offers several storage solutions. We can also attach casters to mobilize your storage rack system, while keeping your clean room compliant with typical ISO requirements.







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