Industrial Storage Racks

Formaspace builds custom storage racks and custom flow racks for packing & shipping facilities, assembly and manufacturing plants, electronic and computer repair stations, and various industrial, and commercial applications. Whatever the function of your operation, we collaborate with you to create the best possible solution. Contact Formaspace for a free industrial storage rack design today.


Industrial Storage Rack Features

industrial white storage rack

Heavy Duty Storage Racks

Depending on your requirements, Formaspace will design and build your custom rack for any load capacity you can throw at us. All our framework comes fully welded unless otherwise specified.

Mobile Storage Racks

Utilizing facility floor space and improving the footprint is the goal when retrieving stored products on or between racks. Formaspace will outfit your storage rack system with casters to mobilize them. Caster selection varies depending on the load capacity desired. 

Industrial Rack Types

industrial storage flow rack

Flow Rack

Industrial flow racks increase spatial efficiency and reduce labor cost and time. Custom flow rack systems provide First-in/First-out (FIFO) control and can be customized to match your SKUs.


storage server rack

Computer & Server Rack

We create solutions that allow computer workstation units to be organized and accessible to your IT operations. Whatever your needs, we can manufacture your ideal IT hardware set up.


industrial spool rack

Wire Spool Rack

Reel and Wire Spool Racks are a common solution to any material handling operation. Industrial steel roller-bar racks are designed to hold heavy duty reels or light duty packing materials. 

cantilever storage racks

Cantilever Racks – Light Duty

Formaspace Cantilever Racks will hold up to 2000 lbs. Custom solutions, including custom dimensions, are available to meet your specifications upon request.

Mobile Storage Carts

mobile blue storage bins

Rolling Storage Cart with Bins

Commercial and industrial bin carts & storage rack systems can be customized to fulfill any operation type and to carry any bin size. These are most commonly used in manufacturing environments and educational institutions. Bins are great storage units for small parts, educational materials, and art supplies.

Laptop Storage Cart

Laptop & Tablet Storage Carts are a popular solution for electronic assembly, repair facilities, modular office spaces, educational buildings, mobile POS retailers, and tech events. These racks are customizable and can be equipped with ESD shelves, partition loops, power distribution units for charging, and more–the options are endless.

laptop storage cart with keyboard tray