Furniture in Entertainment

Set design is one of the unsung heroes of movies and television shows. When things look right, they go unnoticed. But if they look wrong, the audience can tell. Getting the look and feel of your custom furniture just right is what Formaspace specializes in, so whether you’re making a hospital drama or the next superhero epic, we’re here to work with you to make sure everything brings the story to life. Talk to one of our Account Managers today to see what Formaspace can do for your set.


Furniture for Feature Films and Television Series

ergonomic classroom tables

Custom Desks

Using custom-made desks and tables on set can help you troubleshoot aspects of the filmmaking process. A custom-made desk with lighting mounted to the work surface can head off time-consuming light setups and camera repositioning. Not everyone’s furniture can help your actors look their best, but ours can.


Other Custom Furniture

Formaspace can also handle any of your other practical on-set needs. Need monitor racks and shelves that look like they are in a police station? Need a conveyor system on an alien spaceship? The Formaspace design team is ready to co-create solutions that incorporate your visual and practical specifications to give you a useful, aesthetically pleasing solution for your on-set furniture.

Genres For Our Furniture

school laboratory furniture

Science Fiction

Our ability to design and manufacture furniture to your specifications also makes us great for contemporary science fiction, where a customized industrial aesthetic is often used.

education makerspace furniture

Crime/Lab Procedurals

Dramas set in real-world environments where work benches would normally be found, from hospital laboratories, to police monitoring stations, need the realistic solutions Formaspace offers to those actual applications.

education library desks

Reality Shows

Formaspace has also created customized benches for how-to and do-it-yourself reality shows. Our familiarity with what tinkerers need at their tool benches is ideal for these shows.

school cafeteria furniture


The action genre calls for durable furniture construction. If you must do more than one take on crashes and explosions you want to make sure your furniture can hold up under a lot of abuse.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Formaspace built a glass-top laboratory workbench with built-in internal lighting for The Amazing Spider-Man. We also created workbench designs with a quick change drawer front, clipped on with magnets, so the set designers could change the appearance when filming different scenes.

Transformers 3

Formaspace created custom office desks and storage units for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, for a scene where an office building tilted at an extreme enough angle for all our furniture to fall out of the building. We matched the set’s aesthetic while providing durability for an unexpected function.

Prototype This

Our heavy-duty workstations were used on the show Prototype This!, where a team of inventors try to recreate gadgets and technology used in science-fiction films in a real-life setting.

DC Legends of Tomorrow

We created a modular U-Shaped Workstation to give the look and feel of a futuristic spaceship for DC Legends of Tomorrow on the WB. The U-shaped station can also be split into separate workbenches to create a laboratory environment.

The Gates

Formaspace furniture was used in the ABC show The Gates in police station scenes. Our furniture set the stage for this drama as monitoring workstations for the entire season the show is aired.