Makerspace Furniture

Humans are innately curious and innovative when tinkering with mechanical and electronic parts. We’ve found artifacts from our ancestors that prove humans made tools to complete their tasks through the ages. Similarly, there is a resurgence in makerspaces, as a hobby, as a hands-on educational experience, and as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to rapidly prototype new products. Whatever your passion, Formaspace has considerable experience helping institutions create the right furniture for their makerspaces. Contact your Account Manager to see how Formaspace can get your makerspace up and running.


Makerspace Applications

ergonomic classroom tables


Schools interested in promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula and public libraries making expensive tools like 3D printers available to the students they serve have been at the forefront of the makerspace revolution. This had led these institutions to invest in furniture that can facilitate experiential learning.



The advent of smart technology and the Internet of Things has led to a new generation of entrepreneurial inventors. A makerspace workshop can facilitate rapid prototyping and research can help bring in angel funding and allows them to quickly take their products to market.

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ergonomic classroom tables


Tinkering, the art of manipulating and experimenting with mechanical and electronic parts, has a long standing history. Formaspace is dedicated to manufacturing custom furniture manufacturing so through our own experience with research and development gives us great insight into your needs. We’re ready to customize your tinkering table with just the right accessory to help you to do the work you love.

Flexible Makerspace Furniture

school laboratory furniture

Flip Top Table

The locking mechanism of flip top tables allows a single individual to lower the surface and easily nest tables against a wall. When you need more space for collaboration, nested tables open the area, and when you need structure, the desks are simply rolled back into place.


education makerspace furniture

Hardwood Work Surfaces

Outfit your table with the right work surface to accommodate the kinds of materials & activities conducted in your makerspace. Selecting hardwood work surfaces gives you the ability to sand down the impacts of heavy usage, refinish, and continue using for years to come.

education library desks

Tinker Table

Tinkering calls for flexibility. A great way to ensure that you can get the most from your tinkering environment is to add to casters to your table so it can be moved around on an as needed basis.

school cafeteria furniture

Custom Storage

Formaspace Account Managers will help you create custom solutions, from tool cabinets to drawers, cubbies to mounted bins, to keep your makerspace functional and, most importantly, organized.


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