LAN Stations & LAN Racks

Durable 16 gauge tubular steel construction and easily assembled uprights make Formaspace LAN Workbenches one of the most sought-after workstations in the IT industry. With the standard weight capacity of 1000 lbs., Formaspace workbenches are commonly used as ESD compliant LAN/network stations. Contact us to customize your next LAN station or racks.


LAN Rack Solutions

custom lan station

LAN Racks

Custom engineered Formaspace LAN rack solutions can be built with fully welded framework. LAN rack solutions are designed to store any combination of computer workstations and servers. For a multi-purpose environment, add monitor arms to also use your rack system as a monitoring LAN station.

Custom Server Racks

Formaspace has provided IT solutions to most Fortune 100 tech companies for over 35 years. Based on your needs, we will design and build ESD server racks, pull-out shelves that safely store up to 150 pounds each, as well as articulating shelves to increase spatial efficiency and productivity.

portable charging station

Portable Testing & Charging Station

Need a mobile charging station for devices? Our mobile laptop and tablet charging stations allow you to service and store devices with maximum convenience to your workflow.

LAN Station Applications

tech lab esd lan workstation

ESD LAN Workstation

Built-in ANSI ESD S20.20 compliant workbench solutions provide a durable, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing option for the safety of your electronic assembly or repair operation.

u shaped modular it station

Corner & U-Shaped LAN Workstations

Every office space is different in size, shape, and functionality. Formaspace Corner LAN Benches or U-Shaped Workstations are designed to increase productivity and spatial efficiency.

ergonomic lan station

Mobile Standing Computer Station

Need a mobile tradeshow solution or to mobile POS station in-store? Formaspace mobile standing computer stations are designed for operators who need mobility and to maximize spatial efficiency.

heavy duty lan workstation

Heavy Duty LAN Benches

Our standard LAN workbenches and rack systems are built with a fully welded steel frame. The 1000 lbs. load bearing capacity accommodates multiple monitors, servers, and printers.

Workstation Desk Accessories

formaspace 3d configure lan station

ESD Kits

Get effective static protection with ESD kits. The attachment grounds lab technicians and reduces the potential for shorting and other hazards associated with static.

Monitor Arm or Mount Options

Monitor arms or monitor mounts allow you to add monitors to your workstation. Formaspace monitor mounts hold 10” to 24” monitors.

CPU Holders

Add a CPU holder to the workstations in your facility to free up work surface space.

Power Strips

Power strips attach into the bench frame. Our standard configurations range from 24” to 96” in 6” increments, with 8, 12 or 16 plugs.






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