Lab Instrument Benches

Formaspace manufactures lab instrument benches for laboratories conducting research and testing on DNA sequencing, hematology and biochemistry and utilizing equipment like centrifuges, mass spectrometers, and lab incubators. The instrument benches address vibration isolation, ESD control, clean room compliance, mobility, and other challenges. Contact our lab furniture experts for your custom instrument bench design today.


Lab Equipment Bench Integration

lab instrumentation sample processing bench

OEM Lab Equipment Benches

Formaspace engineers unique lab equipment benches for DNA sequencers,centrifuges, robotic arms, and beyond to accommodate your lab equipment on a safe and sturdy bench. Our workbenches are chosen by industry-leading equipment manufactures when quality, customization, and scalability are the top priority. Complete the equipment package with a bench designed for your specific instrument today.

Ergonomic Lab Workbenches

Our modular lab furniture solutions have helped our clients maintain and service critical lab equipment without disrupting workflow. Flexibility is unlocked by mobile lab benches to make labs more efficient, organized, and clean, especially in time-sensitive laboratories.

Lab Table Products and Accessories

lab instrumentation microscope basix with antivibration levelers

Microscope Table

Formaspace Microscope Tables are designed for visual precision, accuracy, and user comfort. Tables include anti-vibration levelers, a standard epoxy top or up to 2.5 inches of epoxy resin for extra stability. Microscope Tables can also accommodate users with a cut out on the front of the bench to provide elbow room and proximity to the binocular head or eyepiece lens.

lab instrumentation triton fabwall with upper and lower shelves with power bar

Triton™ by Formaspace

Triton™ service bench modules connect to service panels above the workbench to minimize lab tech movement and maximize productivity. Service options include fixtures to deliver gases, water, and air utilities directly to the lab technicians’ workspace.


lab instrumentation casework fabwall with lower cabinet storage

FabWall™ by Formaspace

FabWall™ is a customizable lab partition wall module system that allows you to easily modify lab space division. FabWall™ includes shelving, storage, removable demising panels, and material options.



Lab Instrumentation Islands

Safely store large equipment on Formaspace island workbenches. Formaspace Design Consultants will tailor your lab furniture layout to help you create a workflow that makes your instruments easily accessible to technicians.

lab instrumentation antivibration table with blue powder coated steel

Balance Tables

When you need reliable vibration prevention for a highly calibrated apparatus, a balance table with vibration isolation is an ideal solution. Tables include anti-vibration levelers and 2-2.5 inches of an epoxy resin surface to assure testing accuracy.

lab instrumentation casework with ventilation fumehood

Fume Hoods

Protect your products from dust and particles and researchers from released chemical gases with Formaspace fume hoods. We offer laminar flow or ductless fume hoods based on your requirements.


Lab Table Customization Options

lab instrumentation mobile basix with lower cabinet storage

Custom Cut Out

Request a custom cut-out in the work surfaces to precisely fit your facility’s equipment or make equipment accessible for technicians.

Lab Table Storage

Store lab supplies or disposal containers in cabinets mounted above or below the work surface. Stay organized with attached drawer stacks. Add cubbies above or below the work surface for visible storage space.

Custom Shelves

Depending on your needs, Formaspace will customize your instrumentation workstation by adding upper or lower level storage shelves to your workbenches.

Laboratory Chairs

Give your employees ergonomic chairs that increase their level of productivity and comfort. Ask your Design Consultant about our wide range of laboratory seating options.







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