Integrated Lab Services Bench

Triton™ is an Integrated Lab Services Bench that offers configurable services such as lab fixtures to deliver gas, water, and air utilities to the workspace alongside data and electrical power. Triton™ is a modular benching system that is architecturally specified for enterprise-level laboratories. For installation, put it in place and connect the service fixtures to overhead or underhead service carriers or panels. Specify Triton™ in your next world-class laboratory. Contact us today!

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Select your laboratory services, and we’ll customize each lab bench to your process. Need unique services? We can do that too.
Gas | Vacuum | Air | Water | Data | Power


We have a variety of work surface materials for chemical resistance, temperature resistance, levels of hardness, and aesthetics.
Epoxy | Phenolic | Steel | Stainless Steel | HDPE
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Select your material preference to fit your lab requirements.
Epoxy | Phenolic | Steel | Stainless Steel | HDPE


The Integrated Lab Services Bench features adjustable, ventilated, steel cabinetry. Move under mounted storage from left to right as needed.
Widths: 24” – 96” (in 6” increments) | Depths: 24”, 30”, 36” | Heights: 30”, 36”, 42”

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