Custom Workbenches & Commercial Furniture Design

Whether you are finishing out an entire building or just remodeling a corner of your workspace, Formaspace will co-create custom workbenches designed to solve workflow challenges and improve efficiency. Contact your commercial furniture Account Manager to get started on your next furniture project.


Custom Lab Design

Formaspace stands out in the field since we are not bound by the confines of traditional large-scale manufacturing. Our Design & Engineering team takes on the most challenging issues you face in your facility and creates a solution with custom furniture. Whether you need a workbench system for your laboratory, manufacturing operation, or any other use case, we offer you a dedicated team of designers to help solve your operational challenges.

Work Bench Ideas

hospital lab furniture


The workbench is at the center of our custom design services. We work with you to understand the ins and outs of your processes. From there we are able to take the collaborative custom bench ideas and turn them into reality.


hospital pharmacy workbench

Custom Storage

We understand that maximizing spatial efficiency is critical for any operation, which is why we offer customizable storage solutions. Your Account Manager will configure and customize shelves, drawers, cubbies, and cabinets for your workbenches based on your functional needs.


healthcare sample processing furniture


Carts can significantly improve your productivity. We custom design and build carts for your specific functions—bin carts, utility carts, and tool carts are popular cart requests.

fume hoods for healthcare labs


Rack systems can also significantly impact your workspace spatial efficiency. From wall-mounted laboratory drying racks to rack systems for LAN/network stations, we can tackle your racking needs.


Work Surfaces

With many different surfaces to choose from, knowing what surface works best for your environment is important when making your decisions.


Work Surface ESD Laminate Standard Laminate Galvanized Steel High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Maple Top Phenolic Resin Stainless Steel Epoxy Resin
Ideal For Electronics Repair / Assembly General Use Heavy Industrial

Light Industrial & Laboratory

Heavy Industrial & Office Wet Lab & Industrial

Heavy Industrial & Laboratory

Wet Laboratory