Aerospace Furniture

The demands of the aerospace industry are unique, calling for detailed precision and durability. This is true whether you work with the assemblage or repair of small components, or if you work with specialized, extremely heavy machinery. Formaspace has the experience and know-how in the aerospace industry to customize the right solution for your needs. Talk to your Account Manager today to see how Formaspace can help your aerospace facility.

aerospace workstation integration

Aerospace Workstation Integration

Each aerospace facility is unique. Formaspace custom designs workstations to integrate with your specific workflow, whether at separate stations or in a plant with multiple conveyors. A well-designed integration plan can give you flexibility, controlled mobility, durability, and high capacity storage. Depending on your needs, our Industrial Design & Engineering team is ready to create custom workstation designs specific to your facility. Connect with your Account Manager to get started on your aerospace furniture project.

Heavy Duty Workbench Features


Formaspace creates custom cut-outs in the work surfaces that are specific to your aerospace equipment demands. Add a cut-out to support large part repair and cleaning, to support scales, printers, and your other unique needs.

Custom Shelves

Depending on your needs, we customize your workstation by building storage systems with upper and lower shelves to your workbenches.

Heavy Duty Work Surfaces

Aerospace work often calls for specialized works surfaces. Steel, solid wood, and epoxy resin countertops are popular options, but the most important thing is we work with you to make sure you have the right work surface for your operation. We collaborate with you to ensure precision, no matter how demanding or complex your task is.


Heavy Duty Load Capacity

Formaspace has mastered the craft of creating fully-welded steel frame structures to support large loads. Based on your task and load capacity needs, our benches are customized with 2” square tubular 11-gauge steel and can be designed to bear up to a 20,000 lb. load with additional welded support.

aerospace heavy duty workstation

Aerospace Furniture & Enhancements

aerospace tool bench

Aerospace Tool Benches

Formaspace tool benches are built with durability and organization in mind. Never lose another tool with locking tool drawers. Protect your parts and equipment with Formaspace tool benches.


aerospace industrial mobile cart

Industrial Mobile Carts

Custom mobile utility or tool carts can be designed and built for your task-specific need, including high-load capacity carts and carts made to custom sizes.


aerospace assembly workbench

Assembly Workbenches

Formaspace designs and manufactures flexible, heavy-duty benching workstation solutions customized to the specifications of your assembly environment.


aerospace system monitoring workstation

System Monitoring Workstations

If you have specific needs for system monitoring, Formaspace can customize your workstations with various monitor arm options and other supporting accessories.


Aerospace Services

formaspace offers aerospace services

Rapid Plant Assessment

Formaspace has over 30 years of experience in furniture fabrication and Rapid Plant Assessment services. Our dedicated RPA team can provide consultation services that include site surveys, operator interviews, current state process evaluation, and a host of other continuous improvement activities. Clients who take advantage of our RPA services see the highest return on their furniture investment.

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White Glove Installation

We offer three tiers of installation services. Take advantage of the fact that not only do we manufacture your custom workbenches, but we also offer installation of them at your requested location. For specialized jobs, let us know during the quoting stage that you want to work with the Formaspace installation team and we’ll have members of our team onsite to make sure everything goes smoothly. Skip install day stress by booking our team of product experts.

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