Workbench Accessories

Formaspace workbench accessories are designed to maximize productivity and workstation ergonomics. Your Account Manager will work with you to help you get every component you need for your workbench solutions.


Height Adjustment Mechanisms

Adjust workbench height with ease! Unlike other height adjustable workbenches, Formaspace hydraulic mechanisms allow the user to quickly raise or lower the entire workbench, including the upper and lower accessories and storage attachments. The standard weight capacity of the adjustable workbenches is 1000 lbs. The standard travel ranges for Formaspace hydraulics are 6″ and 12″. The applicable height adjustability travel range (6″ or 12″) depends on the workbench frame height and the foot options. Contact your Account Manager for details.

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Electric Control Hydraulics

The easiest and fastest way to adjust the height of a workbench is with an electric hydraulic. Just press the up or down arrow button. This option is ideal for environments that need to adjust the workbench height a few times a day or more such as multi-shift operations.

Manual Crank Hydraulics

Add manual crank hydraulics to infrequently adjust the height of your workbenches. The hand crank mechanism takes slightly longer to adjust compared to the electric control option, but is the more economical option of the two. We recommend manual crank hydraulics for operations that need to adjust bench height once or twice a day.

Adjustable Leg Kit

Adjustable leg kits offer an inexpensive way to adjust the height of a workbench for increased ergonomics and productivity. It has an 11″ travel range with 1″ adjustment increments. We recommend adjustable leg kits for users who need to adjust the height of the bench a few times per year. Manual or electric hydraulic options are recommended if daily or monthly adjustment is required.

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Surface Accessories

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Lab Sinks

Formaspace offers different types and materials of sinks to accommodate specific laboratory requirements. Both drop-in and undermount lab sinks can be ordered as epoxy or stainless steel. Custom sizes are also available.

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Faucets and Eyewashes

We have laboratory grade faucets for various applications as well as eyewash stations. We also offer eyewashes for laboratory environments where lab technicians need to handle dangerous and caustic chemicals.

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ESD Kits

ESD kits should be ordered along with ESD Workbenches if the operation requires electrostatic discharge and grounding the workers is required to protect the materials handled.

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The standard 2.75″ grommets accommodate most wiring needs from the work surface to relevant plugs. A simple solution for workstations where cable management and a clean appearance is essential.

Monitor Mounts

Formaspace offers different monitor mount accessories, from static mounts to multi-joint monitor mounts. We’ll work with you to help you choose the best one for your operational needs. Formaspace mounts support the common 75mm and 100mm VESA standards and hold most 10″ – 24″ screen sizes.

7-Flex Articulating Monitoring Mount

Weight capacity is up to 17 lbs, and it moves in 7 different directions. Adjust your computer screen or TV monitor stance at your workstation with this easily articulated clamp on, or uni-strut mounted monitor arms.

LCD-4 Monitor Mount

The LCD-4 monitor arms mount on vertical uni-struts above the work surface and let users move the monitors in four directions.

Static Monitor Mount

The static monitor brackets mount to a horizontal bar that attaches to uni-struts on Benchmarx™ benches. Depending on the screen size and the workbench width, the monitor bar can host 2 to 4 brackets. Unlike 7-Flex and LCD-4, the monitors don’t move in any direction. This mount is also available for heavy duty configurations that require carrying larger monitors or visual equipment.

Monitor Keyboard Combo

Add monitor keyboard combo to your workstation to create a sit-to-stand work environment without having a height-adjustability mechanism. Our combo monitor keyboard attachments mount to the unistruts as well as to the work surfaces.

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Workbench Light

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Overhead Light

The overhead light assembly mounts on a steel bar of 24″ to 96″ wide (in 6″ increments) that then mounts to vertical supports so that the light hangs over the work surface for optimal lighting and working conditions. Formaspace overhead light options consist of 24″ or 48″ fluorescent bulbs in a standard lighting case with on/off switch and 40″ power cord.

Undershelf Light

An undershelf light can only be added to Benchmarx™ and Bench Plus™. The light is attached underneath the upper shelves and cabinets to illuminate the work surface. The fluorescent options are 24″ to 48″ wide, and it contains one fluorescent bulb with on/off switch and 40″ power cord.

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Magnifying Desk Lamp

The heavy duty magnifying lamp includes spring balanced tension bars for flexible adjustment to numerous positions. The light can also be locked into place at its joints. Magnification level is 3X. This attachment is deal for computer repair, electronic manufacturing, assembly, oil and gas part repair centers, pharmaceutical labs, architectural schools, packing stations, and more.

cleanroom laboratory mobile workbench with overhead lights

Work Bench Add-ons

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Bin Rail

Keep small parts handy with convenient and inexpensive bin rails with bins! Bins are molded of high-strength polypropylene and freely mounted to the steel bar that is attached to the vertical support bars for maximum sturdiness and close proximity to the workstation user (bins are not included with the order). Bin rails are a useful add-ons for assembly and material handling operations.

Roller Bar

Store large rolls of paper, bubble wrap, and other supplies within arm’s reach. Roller bars are mounted directly to the frame.


Pegboards offer an inexpensive solution for hanging tools and other frequently used items off the work surface and within arm’s reach. Pegboards, best known for industrial uses, are also used as lab drying racks when made of epoxy resin or stainless steel. Pegboards are available in 24” – 96” widths increasing in 6” increments. They are typically mounted to the vertical support bars on a Benchmarx™ or Bench Plus™. Standard Formaspace pegboards are constructed with perforated hardboard, steel, or epoxy.

Workbench Shelving

Adjustable Shelves

Formaspace upper shelves are height adjustable steel-framed units mounted above the main work surface to the bench uprights. Shelves are available in the same standard surface materials and colors. The support bars match your frame finish color selection unless otherwise specified.

Lower Shelves

Free up the valuable workspace with Formaspace lower shelves. Lower shelves are perfect for printers, servers, and a variety of other bulky items that fit best under the work surface. Lower shelves may also serve as footrests depending on your material selection. The lower shelf runs the full width of the workbench. Shelves can be ordered in full depth or half depth, increasing in 3″ increments.

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Power / Data

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Keyboard Tray

The retractable keyboard tray on ball-bearings slides out for keyboard access and remains hidden when not in use. It adds function & ergonomics to the workbench. It also helps to prevent wrist injury and keeps the keyboard from moving around.

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Cable Management

Minimize dangerous and unsightly wire clutter with a cable panduit. This is the management solution for routing and concealing wiring and is mounted under the work surface.

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Power Strip

The industrial quality power strips come in 24″, 36″ or 48″ wide (8, 12, or 16 outlets). They are UL approved, offer 400 Joules of surge protection, 400-volt clamping voltage and a 15 AMP circuit breaker. Formaspace power strips are mounted on a steel bracket (24″ to 96″, 6″ increments) or the bench frame depending on the location (above or below the work surface).

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CPU Bracket

The CPU Bracket mounts computers beneath the work surface. The support system features a double-arm for easy adjusting, an open back & sides for quick access and proper cooling. It holds up to 45 lbs and offers a sliding depth adjustment feature for adequate fit on many desktop PC sizes.

Workbench Foot Options

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Adjustable levelers

Levelers allow you to make incremental adjustments to your workbench if you have to place it on an uneven floor. They allow you to keep your work surface level and the work bench stable.

Standard Duty – ½”-13 threaded stem, 500lbs ea. load rating.

Anti-Vibration Levelers

Add anti-vibration levelers when you need to minimize vibration on a workbench that holds sensitive instruments like microscopes.

½”-13 threaded stem, 15 degree swivel, 500lbs ea. load rating.

Total Lock Casters

Add flexibility and mobility with total lock casters. Casters make reconfiguring your workspace easy. When applied, the locks keep wheels from rolling while simultaneously keeping the caster from rotating around the stem. Non-locking casters are also available if the mobility of the workbench is a priority.

Standard Duty –½”-13 or 1″-13 threaded stem, steel ball bearing, 300 lbs ea. load rating, total locking (swivel & wheel).

Heavy Duty – steel ball bearing, 550 lbs ea. load rating, total lock (swivel & wheel).

Adjustable Leveler & Caster Combo

When confronting mobility needs along with needs for maintaining a level work surface, look at our adjustable leveler and caster combo. This combo foot option allows you to move the workbench on the casters, then lock into place and level the work surface.

½”-13 threaded stem, non-locking, height adjustable via thumbwheel., 550 lbs ea. load rating.