Lean Assessment

For our enterprise level clients looking to make process or facility utilization improvements, Formaspace offers our expertise in conducting site surveys, or lean assessments. These surveys bring us into your operation as an outside eye so that we can provide you possible solutions to even your toughest challenges. Talk to your Formaspace Account Manager to see if our years of experience s is right for your unique operation.

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Discovery Call

Site surveys start with a discovery call. This conversation is dedicated to listening to you and discovering your requirements. We look at your processes from a holistic point of view, taking into consideration labor efficiency, the safety of your facility and workflow, as well as aesthetic considerations of your work environment, which impacts talent attraction and retention rates.

Rapid Plant Assessment

Next comes the exciting part, the Rapid Plant Assessment, often referred to as an RPA. RPAs contain several discrete steps.

Site Visit

First comes the site visit. We will visit your facility and spend the day observing how things operate. Do workers have to spend a lot of time walking between stations? Are there potential safety concerns? This visit includes interviews with a full cross-section of everyone who uses the facility to make sure we understand how it’s truly being utilized.

Current State

These observations lead to the next step, a full understanding and of the current state of your environments and your needs. Often these visits uncover situations where what you suspect is a problem actually isn’t and that there are other underlying problems you did not anticipate. Or sometimes these assessments confirm something you’ve thought but hadn’t been able to prove.

New State

Understanding the true nature of the current state of your environment is key to the next step; our ideation for what your new state should be and look like. Once we understand where you are, we can begin mapping out the kinds of efficiency, safety, and aesthetic solutions to take your operation to the next level.

Rapid Prototyping

Depending on our engagement, we can even rapidly prototype potential solutions. These prototypes serve as the starting point to continue refining the ideal final solution.

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Lean Assessment Delivery

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Proof of Concept

Once we’ve conducted our Rapid Plant Assessment, we’ll move on to helping you get your environment where you would like it to be. The deliverables we’ll create at this phase might contain a proof of concept document for plant and workflow organization. If necessary at this stage, we can also develop additional prototypes of the types of customized furniture solutions your facility needs.

Final Project Delivery

From there, if you are happy with the proposed solution, we work together toward final project delivery. From design to installation, Formaspace carries the project to completion keeping our eye on every detail of the project. Our install team even consists of tenured employees who are experts on our parts and systems to ensure a quick and safe installation.