Pre-Sales Questions

It depends on if you ordered a standard, a modified, or a custom solution. Our standard solutions typically have a lead time between 3 to 4 weeks. Modified solutions can take up 4 to 5 weeks. Custom solutions take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. If your project requires a component to be ordered from a third-party, we'll wait for that part to arrive to start building your furniture solution. If you need a standard workbench to be built in 5 business days, please check our Smart Ship ™ options.

Visit our 3DConfigure help page to troubleshoot your browser loading issues! Want to talk to someone? Call a Design Consultant who will be happy to walk you through it.

Yes, we can use your brand and labeling. Please contact our Design Consultants to get more information.

No, we can manufacture starting from one single unit all the way up to thousands of units.

Your Design Consultant can provide you with a set of our standard product samples or outsource your unique requests from outside vendors.

No, all of our workbenches are built to order.

All of our standard colors are the same price except for eco-gray. When quoted, eco-gray is cheaper because of it's environmentally friendly nature.

Yes, our laboratory and industrial furniture lines are sold directly.

Product Specific Questions

12 years. 3 Shifts. Labor included. Read more on our warranty page!

All of our workbenches are manufactured at our facility located in Austin, Texas. Our sales and production teams work together in our one facility. Learn more about us!

Basix™, Bench Plus™, and Benchmarx™ are all a part of our standard product line. The most significant difference between these product types is the upper storage. Basix has no additional storage. Bench Plus has one fixed shelf above the surface. Benchmarx allows you to add multiple upper shelves and more accessory options such as pegboards, monitor mounts, and upper cabinets. Our product line is interchangeable. You can start with Basix and upgrade it Benchmarx or Bench Plus in the future with easy-to-install unistruts. Learn more by visiting our product pages!

Benchmarx upper units come unassembled to prevent any damages during shipment. The assembly instructions are included in the shipment. If somehow the assembly installations cannot be located, please check our assembly page for instructions.

Unless it is requested, all of our workbenches come fully-assembled. For international orders, we recommend bolt together (knocked down) Basix or Benchmarx to avoid high shipment costs.

Yes, we do.

Our workbenches are built to last. Depending on your task and load capacity needs, our benches can be built with 2" square tubular 11-gauge steel and designed to hold up to a 20,000 lb. load with additional welded support. For extreme weight-bearing requirements, please contact our engineering team through your dedicated Design Consultant.

A standard Basix (FBX603630 HD w/ levelers and an HPL top) weighs 146 lbs. Depending on the workbench size, work surface selection, upper and lower units, and the accessories, the weight can go up to 500 lbs. or more.

Quote Inquiries

See our map to easily locate the Design Consultant dedicated to your state!

Depending on the project complexity, quote preparation takes an average of 1 hour to 48 hours. Be sure to add to your email client's safe sender list and check your junk email box if your quote is taking longer than it should. Still not there? Contact your Design Consultant as a follow-up.

Depending on the complexity and size of the project, it can take anywhere between 24 hours to 2 weeks.

Try changing your browser or clearing your cache. Still having problems? Contact your Design Consultant with your project details and let them build the quote for you.

Design Specific Questions

We build standard and custom furniture solutions, and we have design teams that work 2 shifts (almost 16 hours) every workday. Please be patient with our team or consider using our free 3DConfigure tool to create a workbench drawing instantly.

With an NDA, we can provide any AutoCAD friendly files.

Yes, you do not have to have the product built at our headquarters in Austin.

No, we do not offer certified engineered drawings even though we have design engineers making up our ID&E team.

Custom Design Inquiries

Our motto is "Custom Furniture. Fast." So yes, we do custom. We have a large-scale studio who will solve all your business furniture needs. Visit our custom workbench page to learn more.

Yes. Let our design engineers know about your requirements, or the spec of equipment/system you want to pair our furniture with, and we will build your custom solution.

If you do not see a color on our powder coating services page that suits your needs, provide us with your RAL color value and we will match it! Custom frame colors can increase the lead time and cost.

We are a custom manufacturer. Provide us with what you are looking for, and we can easily source it. Custom laminates can increase lead time and cost.

Yes, we can accommodate those requests.

Shipping Questions

Fully inspect the shipment prior to signing the delivery receipt and if shipping damage is found, then sign for the shipment as damaged. If you cannot uncrate it during delivery and you are suspicious that there might be shipping damage, at least note “possible damage” when signing off on the shipping notice. Then contact Formaspace to begin the customer service and replacement process.

Yes, we offer expedited and delayed shipments. We will do our best to accommodate your facility availability and operation time frames.

Yes, but any shipping damage needs to be escalated to your own carrier service in such scenarios. In these unique cases, our involvement in shipment damage cases is limited. We always take pictures prior to shipment and email them to our clients with shipment notification emails.

Shipping notifications are automated via email to the person who placed the order. Feel free to contact your Design Consultant if you cannot locate your tracking number or if you haven't yet received it.

Yes, but we recommend ordering our knocked down (bolt together) furniture solutions.

Installation Questions

Yes, we offer several different installation services that may best fit your project. We can provide you with a trained nation-wide installation service, a nation-wide installation service that is supervised by one of our Project Managers, or a dedicated team of Formaspace individuals who put the product together in Austin, TX supervised by one of our Project Managers. Want to learn more? See our page dedicated to workplace installation.

Fill out this form to request an installation and receive a quote within 1-2 business days.

Yes, we do. Depending on your requirements, we can offer a certificate of liability insurance. Be sure to ask your Design Consultant and they can give you further details.

We offer our installation services in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For overseas installations, it would be more efficient and cheaper to use a local installation team.

Post-Sales Questions

Your order could be delayed for a number of reasons. It could be an issue in supply chain, production, or even in shipping. Contact your Design Consultant for the quickest answer and solution.

Head over to our Assembly FAQ page where we have easy to read PDFs with step by step instructions. Need additional help? Contact your Design Consultant!

No problem! Hydraulics need to be reset occasionally. See our PDF with detailed instructions on how to reset motorized lift units.

Look for a small box that was shipped with your pallet.

Yes, we call that retrofitting.

We don't process any orders without receiving a client's sign-off. Please make sure you review the acknowledgment emails with attached designs. We are not responsible for acknowledgments approved by someone else on your team. If you still believe there is a misunderstanding, we stand by our products, and we are ready to work with you until you are 100% satisfied. Please contact your Design Consultants with any concerns you have.

We have you covered! Contact our Design Consultant, and we will get those parts shipped out to you right away.

Yes, you can always upgrade your Basix to Bench Plus or Benchmarx without sending the unit back to us. Formaspace gives your operation the flexibility to evolve as your needs change.

Instructions are located on our website.

Even though we ship fully welded units, we do not install plumbing fixtures. It is best to work with a plumber for your unique needs.

Our system automatically notifies all parties with the stages of your order. If your project is divided into multiple orders, you will receive duplicate notification emails.