Data Entry Workstations

Formaspace data entry workstations & reception desks are designed to provide an efficient platform for multiple data entry tasks. We use the industry’s best materials to ensure a long-lasting station that will continuously make a great impression. Contact us today with your data entry workstation requirements that address ergonomics, monitor configurations, number of users, and seating specifications.


Multi-user Workstation Features

data entry manual hand crank ergonomic workstation

Ergonomic Sit-to-Stand Benches

The ideal workbench height depends on the users’ stature, seating, keyboard & mouse placement among other factors. Ergonomics are vital for employee health, safety, and comfort. That’s why Formaspace strongly recommends ordering a height-adjustable workbench to increase productivity and efficiency.

Corner Data Entry Workstation

Use tight workspaces efficiently with corner data entry workstations. Utilizing every square foot, including corners, allows you to accommodate multiple users at a single administrative workstation. With Formaspace Corner and U-Shaped Data Entry Workstations, you can host 2+ operators per bench.

corner data entry workstation

Data Entry Workbench Options


Reception Desk – Bench Plus™

Aesthetic appeal is just as important as functionality. Make a great first impression on your workplace visitors with a unique reception desk, whether one of our standard Bench Plus™ Reception Desks or a customized product made just for your space.

Mobile Storage Units

Need to store and transport documents, tools, electronics or office gadgets? Formaspace can help you design and build customized mobile storage units to fulfill unique facility needs. Whether you need a stacked file drawer on wheels or a fully custom storage unit, Formaspace is will design and manufacture the right solution.

mobile storage unit
data entry workstation chairs


Selecting the right chairs are important for all day comfort when working at the same workstation for 8+ hours. Keep your employees comfortably productive in ergonomic seating solutions provided by Formaspace! We have a wide range of chair options to meet your workers’ need for comfort and productivity at data entry workstations.

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Data Entry Bench Accessories

Depending on your specifications, Formaspace can equip your workbenches with:

data entry bench accessories

Articulating or Pull-Out Keyboard Trays

Keyboard trays keep work benches neat and organized while also adding to workstation ergonomics.

Monitor Mount

Add monitor mounts to your workbenches to make work easier and more efficient for data entry staff.


Include footrests in your workbench design to improve comfort and productivity at the same time.

File Drawers

Organize workstations and store important documents nearby in file drawers mounted below the surface.

CPU Holders

Add a CPU holder to data entry benches in your facility where users need the processor close at hand.

Cable Management

Data entry stations can become easily cluttered with extensive cabling. Cable management systems built in you your data entry bench will keep cables organized.






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