Healthcare Furniture

The healthcare industry can cover a wide range of different workflows. Perhaps your work centers around wet lab testing, or large volumes of specimen processing. Or maybe your hospital contains a pharmacy with significant storage and packaging needs. Fortunately, Formaspace has many years of experience creating custom furniture solutions, no matter where your furniture needs fit into the healthcare ecosystem. Contact one of our Account Managers today to see what Formaspace can do for you.


Modular Healthcare Furniture VS Casework

Deciding which approach between modular furniture and fixed casework is best for you is often the first decision you need to make. The good news is Formaspace can do either for you. 


Modular Healthcare Furniture
Fixed Casework
Repurpose Components are replaceable and repurposable Permanently installed. Limited ability to repurpose
Relocate Can be moved to any location Not available
Mobility Mobile with casters Not available
Production Time 3-4 weeks. Expedited shipping available 8-12 weeks
Shipping & Install Time 2-10 days (USA) 2-4 weeks (USA)
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Lower TCO Higher TCO

Modular Laboratory Furniture Options

modular lab furniture

Modular Lab Furniture

A modular laboratory system is scalable as you grow, adaptable as you change, and repeatable based on your needs. Your research and environment change, but your furniture doesn’t always have to. We build laboratory furniture that evolves with the changes you adapt to fit a wide range of applications. Reconfiguring your modular lab furniture gives you long-term cost savings and minimizes laboratory downtime.


Mobile Lab Islands

Do you have instruments central to laboratory operations? Increase your facility’s responsiveness by making your critical instruments easily accessible and central to technicians. Formaspace frequently builds custom made center islands allowing workers to speed up productivity.


Lab Casework Materials

Fixed casework fulfills traditional laboratory requirements such as durability, continuous work surfaces, and maximum storage. Fixed casework is floor mounted and capable of supporting heavyweight for the most economical upfront cost before installation costs. Choose from a wide range of accessories, storage components, and work surface materials specific to your laboratory application. We create and customize built-in systems that satisfy your current laboratory needs.


steel casework with epoxy work surface install

Medical Workstations

mobile medical cart

Mobile Diagnostic Stations

Ask for mobility and hydraulics to give you a flexible, ergonomic workbench that suits every lab technician and any research function. Formaspace gives sample processing benches mobility, modularity, stability, and a dedicated station with task-specific furniture solutions.

Standing Care Stations

Standing care stations provide healthcare professionals the flexibility to move from patient room to patient room and control all of the necessary care equipment and supplies. Care stations allow them to work more efficiently and stay organized. Formaspace has customizable standing care stations to fit rooms of all sizes along with mobility and storage options.

Custom Medical Carts

Formaspace task-specific mobile carts allow materials and medical accessories to be easily transported. We can build custom medical carts for various tasks and functions such as anesthesia, emergency, infection control, treatment or even carrying art supplies and musical instruments in children’s hospitals.

custom medical cart

Healthcare Applications

hospital lab furniture

Hospital Labs

Formaspace tool benches are built with durability and organization in mind. Never lose another tool with locking tool drawers. Protect your parts and equipment with Formaspace tool benches.

hospital pharmacy workbench

Hospital Pharmacy

The material handling needs for hospital pharmacies are unique. We’ll work with you to make sure we provide you the right storage solutions to distribute medication quickly & accurately, no matter how complex your operation is.


healthcare sample processing furniture

Sample Processing

Your Account Manager will develop a furniture system unique to your sample processing lab needs. Benches can accommodate microscope viewing, pathogen filtering, and other lab requirements.


fume hoods for healthcare labs

Fume Hoods

Whether it is ductless or laminar flow, Formaspace can help you select fume hoods that protect researchers from released chemical gases and fit with your HVAC system.