Formaspace Green Policy

Welcome to Formaspace Earth. At Formaspace we’re committed to becoming the greenest furniture company on the planet. To reach that goal, we consider the entire life cycle of our products, invest capital in energy efficient machinery and responsible manufacturing processes, reduce our waste, and recycle what we don’t use. In fact, in the last two years, we have reduced our carbon footprint per unit by over 80%.

We like to think that when you make a purchase from Formaspace, you don’t just buy a bench. You save a planet. When you think about it like this, doesn’t it make sense to choose Formaspace? Contact Formaspace if you need more information about our eco-friendly manufacturing.





Formaspace has always embraced electronic media, which means we use less paper than our competitors. We prefer phone calls and e-mail to visits, which cuts carbon consumption substantially.

Manufacturing and Operations

We use recycled materials in our benches and packaging, and recycle most of what we are not able to use. 100% of our waste steel, aluminum, sawdust, cardboard, and paper is either reused or recycled. Over 80% of our waste wood is recycled into compost and bedding material. We also recycle some plastics. Every customer order moves us closer to reaching a scale to support a full plastics recycling program.

Read more about our eco-friendly powder coating operation.

Customer Experience

We provide products which consume less energy than competitive products, including our florescent lights and power strips. Our benches are designed for a much longer life than competing products, and upon retirement, our benches are recyclable.

Other Information

Formaspace is a local and national member of the U.S. Green Building Council, an organization devoted to sustainable design in the built environment. For more information on sustainable design or to learn about LEED certification, please visit the U.S. Green Building Council online. To learn more about us, please request a catalog at the top left corner of this page.


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