At Formaspace, we’re committed to creating processes that are environmentally friendly. To reach that goal, we consider the entire life cycle of our products, invest in energy efficient solutions and responsible manufacturing processes, reduce our waste, and recycle what we don’t use.
When you make a purchase from Formaspace, you can rest easy that your furniture was produced with sustainability and durability in mind. Contact Formaspace if you need more information about our eco-friendly solutions.

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Steel Frames

Our frames are made of steel, which is a very durable and sustainable metal. The characteristics of steel allow it to be recycled continually without losing quality or strength. In addition to that, a majority of the products used to produce the steel are reused or recycled.

At Formaspace, we think about the product’s full life-cycle. During manufacturing, we strive to make the process as efficient as possible with minimal waste. When we do create excess steel, we recycle it.

Not only do we care about the process when we are manufacturing the product, but we design our benches with longevity in mind. We create workbenches that have a much longer life than competing products and upon retirement, the steel frames of our benches can then be recycled.

Additionally, the metal used to build our frames is produced and procured locally, cutting down on transportation travel, time, and money.

Frame Paint Finishes

We powder coat the metal frames instead of using paint. Powder coating is more efficient, durable, and leaves an even finish. By nature, it produces few volatile organic compounds compared to paint.

formaspace 3d configure lan station
formaspace 3d configure lan station

Product Packaging

To package up our furniture, we use wrap material that can be 100% recycled.

Scrap material from the production line is re-purposed to create custom shipping crates for our furniture.

Work Surfaces and Accessories

We offer stainless steel as a work surface option because of the material’s durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to be recycled after use. We will be happy to source any eco-friendly surface materials that you would want to use on your next workbench project.

Formaspace uses LED lights on all benches that require that item. We choose LED because it is energy efficient and long-lasting.

formaspace 3d configure lan station
formaspace 3d configure lan station

Eco-Friendly Solutions and Services

We can also accommodate your needs by making custom furniture solutions that incorporate upcycled/recycled materials, such as recycled wood or other materials.

Our furniture solutions can help your company gain LEED credits.

Office Initiatives

Not only do we strive to make an eco-friendly workbench, we work hard to stay green around the office space and workshop.

Formaspace uses Nest Smart Thermostat heating and cooling for a more efficient system.

We also equipped the office space with motion sensor lights that have been upgraded to LED bulbs.

We have recycling bins in all trafficked areas and recycle cardboard, paper, and plastic.

formaspace 3d configure lan station
formaspace 3d configure lan station

Why Choose Formaspace?

All of our furniture is made locally in our Austin, Texas factory using American made materials, which means the energy impact of shipping is lower than products made overseas.

As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, we have the expertise and determination to make your sustainable lab design project an overwhelming success.


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