Material Handling Workstations

Formaspace designs & manufactures material handling workbenches that integrate into any shipping, packing, or receiving facility. Whether you are optimizing your material handling operation with workstations that grant the most efficient output or designing a new facility for the maximum productivity, Formaspace is here to build workbenches to match your industrial requirements. Our packing tables and shipping stations are customized to your needs to keep your employees safe, work area organized, and the operation efficient. Contact us today to start your material handling workstation design project.


Ergonomic and Functionality Enhancements


Height Adjustable Workbenches

Ergonomic packing tables improve productivity and efficiency. Equip your material handling workbenches with hydraulics for a height adjustable solution to improve productivity and reduce injuries. Formaspace offers adjustable leg kits for infrequent height adjustment, electric hydraulics for high-frequency adjustment, and manual hydraulics, at a lower cost than electric, for high-frequency adjustment.


Mobile Material Handling Workstations

Add industrial grade casters to your material handling workbenches to quickly and easily reconfigure your packaging and shipping facility. Additional mobile options include racking systems, bin carts, service benches, stand-alone storage units, utility carts, and tool carts. Mobility increases your material handling speed and facility flexibility.


Packing Tables & Shipping Station Options

heavy duty flow rack

Flow Rack for Material Handling

Store products at pick-point on custom designed Formaspace flow racks. Create a modular or fixed flow rack feeder system with your Design Consultant today.

custom cutout for a material handling stainless steel workbench

Scale Cut-out with Shelf

Store your scales in a safe, dedicated space that facilitates your material handling workflow. Lowering scales below the surface allows end users to have more fluid motions and prevents scale damage.

integrated roller bar workstation for material handling facility

Roller Bar & Spool Holder

Embed roller bars or roller balls into the work surface to create a high-efficiency packing table. Add spool holders above the surface to provide a clean, organized workstation stocked with packing supplies.

integrated chutes for a material handling workbench

Material Handling Chutes

Integrate custom-designed Formaspace material handling chutes to shipping station & packing tables to accommodate your material handling workflow.

Material Handling Workbench Options

material handling workbench enhancements

Loop Partitions & Adjustable Shelving

Organize materials and supplies above and below the work surface with upper shelves, angled shelves with pencil lips, shelving with loop partitions, or sheet metal partitions. Formaspace workbenches give your packaging material a dedicated space to keep your facility efficiently organized.


Louvered Wall Panels & Bin Rails

Need to save surface space and store small components? Specify louvered wall panels and bins rails for your Formaspace Benchmarx™ workstations. Select louvered wall panels to provide high-volume hanging storage space and bin rails for lower-volume small part storage.


Custom Storage

Formaspace designs task-specific and equipment-specific storage pieces. Printer pull-out shelves, hidden waste disposal units, small-scale cubbies, and hydraulic powdered adjustable shelving are a few custom storage solutions we have manufactured. What can we design for you?

Other Shipping Station Products

Packing Supply Stands

Increase employee packaging speed, protect supplies, and keep your facility organized with packing tables designed by Formaspace. A customized mix of spool holders, shelving, loop partitions and other accessories will help you build a LEAN facility.

stand alone packing roller bar
material handling workbench accessories

Material Handling Accessories & Floor Mats

Best selling accessories include shelf dividers, bins, monitor arms, overhead lights, power strips, and cable management units. Formaspace also offers high quality anti-fatigue mats for all-day comfort.