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How Science Can Help Prevent Climate Change

Given the urgent demands for mitigating climate change, what’s the right course of action for climate research laboratories? Read more


How Corporate Wellness Programs Improve Workplace Performance

Improve your workplace with a corporate wellness program to encourage a healthier lifestyle, positive financial impact, and increase workplace productivity!

Workplace Bulletin

How Social Spaces Help Foster a Creative Corporate Culture

What creative and cultural benefits can a social space design do for your company? Read about our research and interview tips from a Senior HR Manager!


How New Advanced Alloys Are Revolutionizing Product Manufacturing

Read more how reducing and recycling consumer plastic waste during the manufacturing process helps the environment and creates more durable unique products!

Wet Lab

How In-Between Spaces Increase Collaboration on Laboratory Campuses

As a new generation of young scientists enters the laboratory workforce, flexible “in-between” spaces starting to play a significant role. Read how.

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Attract Talent & Transform Workplaces with These Design Trends

Is your company looking to attract new talent and retain your current employees? Read more about how transforming your workspace design can help.

Government & Military

We Asked Government Employees: Are Government Workplaces Up To Par?

Government employees are still resigning their jobs because of furniture ergonomics? Read if they are satisfied with their current work environment setup.

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Should Your Company Embrace Reverse Mentoring?

Read what the experts say about reverse mentoring in the workplace, retaining top talent, and compare results to Formaspace workplace awareness survey!

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Visualize This: A Collection of Custom Conference Tables

Read about our collection of custom conference tables and some of our biggest projects to help decide what kind of conference table your office needs!

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Why Does Your Office Need a Makerspace?

Why are companies investing in makerspaces? Read how it sparks a culture of creativity and why you should invest in makerspace furniture for your business!

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We Asked Experts: Do Millennials Want Privacy in Open Office?

We interview expert contract furniture reps about concerns facing privacy in open offices. Read their trending furniture tips and noise control solutions!

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6 Tips for Surviving Record-Breaking Temperatures in Field Work

Trying to beat the heat? Read our 6 crucial tips to help you stay healthy, productive in the office, and learn about the importance of ergonomic furniture!

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Formaspace Interviews MyResourceLibrary's President on Remote Work

We interviewed Jim Palmitier, President of MyResourceLibrary for the scoop on working remotely. Read more about pros and cons to hiring remote employees!

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How Employers Can Encourage Healthy Eating at Work

Does your office promote healthy eating in the workplace? Learn about the growing trend of office cafeterias and how it can positively affect your business!

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Expectations from Industry Experts for NeoCon 2018

We interviewed the industry experts for the inside scoop on the latest design trends that wil take over NeoCon 2018. Be sure to visit our booth 7-8024!


Summer Renovation Inspiration for Educational Facilities

Summer is here and its time to renovate your educational facility. Read more of our custom furniture design tips for a versatile teaching environment!

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What You Can Expect from Formaspace at NeoCon 2018

NeoCon 2018 celebrates its 50th anniversary and we're here to tell you 6 design trends expected to make an appearance. Read more to prepare for the show!


Design Trends Every Office Can Learn from a College Campus

Research shows that employees thrive in a workplace designed like a college campus. Read more about the 6 design trends that stimulate creativity.

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Why Custom Furniture Demand in Commercial Furniture Market is Rising?

What are the specific design influences and trends driving buyers toward custom furniture purchases? Read the interview article to learn more.

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Enhance Office Culture With Our Work Life Awareness Survey

The results are in from our industry-wide work life awareness survey! Read on to learn how to increase productivity and balance work life at the office.