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The Future of Lab - Coming to NeoCon June 10-12

Join Formaspace as we present The Future of Lab at NeoCon 2024 at Suite 11-124 in the Merchandise Mart on June 10-12, 2024.

Industrial Facilities

Can AI-based Tools Design Commercial Interiors and Consumer Products?

Find out how designers are taking advantage of AI in the design process – and how they avoid using AI for final design projects.

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Who’s Coming Back to Work in 2022?

Are your employees coming back to work after Covid? Find out what’s happening and what you can do to improve your recruiting and retention efforts.

Industrial Facilities

How Businesses Can Plan for a Changing Climate

Find out what are the implications for business with keeping average global temperature increases from 3.0 to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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How to Encourage Covid Vaccinations at Work

With coronavirus vaccination rates slowing down, what role employers can take to help meet the goal of achieving herd immunity against coronavirus?

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Made-in-America Initiative: How We Can Make Buying American Products a Priority

We look at how the new executive order instructing procurement agents to "buy American" can help promote American manufacturing during a challenging time.

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Formaspace Grows Despite Pandemic; Meet Our New Team Members

Formaspace’s furniture manufacturing business continues to grow, so it’s time to introduce you to our new team members and celebrate new job promotions.

Industry News

Fastest Growing Industries in USA during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended consumer demand in ways we have never seen before. See which industries are not only surviving but thriving.

Workplace Bulletin

How to Optimize Your Home Office Productivity

Your first time working from home? Don’t worry! We've got you covered with 12 practical tips to create an efficient home office.

Workplace Bulletin

Why Architects & Commercial Interior Designers Need to Specify Custom Workbenches for Labs and Industrial Facilities

Only custom furniture solutions can meet your unique needs and requirements at laboratories & industrial facilities. Read here why.


How to Train Your Brain to Prevent the Onset of Dementia

How do we take care of our brains, so that we can make better decisions in business, in our careers, in our lives? Read how to train your brain!

IT & Computers

How Can Games Improve Your Business Bottom Line?

Whether you are a game developer or a business user taking advantage of games technology, read the recent trends in the gaming market here.


How to Design Esports Labs at Your Educational Facility

Are you looking to create or expand an esports program at your educational institution? Read this article for gaming lab design tips.

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Formaspace Launches a New Website with Smart Content & 3D Workbench Builder

We launched our new website with smart content like the 3DConfigure and updated industry specific gallery images. Visit our home page for information!

Workplace Bulletin

Visualize This: A Collection of Custom Conference Tables

Read about our collection of custom conference tables and some of our biggest projects to help decide what kind of conference table your office needs!

Verticals & Applications

7 Reasons Why Pokémon Go is Good for Your Health

How could Pokemon Go improve public health? Read this article to learn more about the phenomenon and how it could improve your well-being.


Now Playing: Formaspace in Your Favorite Hollywood Productions

How has Formaspace been involved with films such as Transformers 3 and The Amazing Spider-man? Read this article to learn more about these fun projects!


The Not So Secret Life of Drones

Drone technology has done amazing things but it also has a dark side. How can we get the most benefit without suffering the risk? Read more!


Formaspace Celebrates Back to the Future Day!

We wish you all a happy "Back to the Future Day!" Learn why Formaspace loves "Back to the Future" and why we are looking to the future.

Industry News

Le Tour de France Inspires Bicyclists Around the World

The Tour de France inspires people around the world, but it may have a dark side! Read more about what can sometimes go on behind the scenes..