Need Practical Design Ideas for Your Workplace Furniture Project?

We’re proud to supply customers in laboratory, technical, and industrial environments with elegant, practical, and flexible furniture solutions. And now you can learn more about what our industry-leading customers have been up to by checking out our new online Gallery.


Looking for New, Innovative Ideas? You’ve Come to the Right Place

We’ve gathered the best and brightest furniture projects into a new, comprehensive online photo Gallery. Our new Gallery presents images and detailed information previously only available to those of you who came to our Austin, Texas headquarters for a personal factory tour.

Formaspace customers—who represent 4 out of 5 companies on the Fortune 500 list—are incredibly diverse. As you’ll discover in our new Gallery, this diversity is reflected in our customers’ furniture installations, which range from major wet lab facilities with both modular and casework examples; to highly-efficient custom workstations for electronics manufacturing; to eye-catching bespoke conference tables; to our popular Sit-to-Stand (S2S) parson’s table desks; to industrial-chic home office workspaces, worthy of ultimate bragging rights.


Browse Our New Gallery Now for Fresh Ideas and Inspiration

Thinking about a new office space, laboratory, or factory installation? Or perhaps facility renovations are on your mind.

Our extensive online Gallery is a powerful, unique resource that lets you browse for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Ready to get inspired?

Open the Gallery now. (It works equally well on your desktop or your mobile device.)

On the opening screen, you can see we’ve organized the information in an easy-to-follow user interface.



First, let’s take a look at each of these categories:


  • Industrial Solutions (including manufacturing, assembly, packing and shipping)
  • Wet Lab Solutions (including modular and casework installations)
  • Tech Lab Solutions (including IT repair and server rack installations)
  • Office Furniture (including standard and fully custom office furniture projects)


Industrial Workstation Solutions

Let’s click on the Industrial icon.

Near the top of the screen, you can see ‘breadcrumb’ navigation menu that shows we are in the Category / Industrial section of the Gallery. To select a different category, simply click on Category to go up one level.



If you are using a desktop computer, you can roll the mouse over the images to get a description. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, gently touch each image for a description.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the image of the Fully Integrated Material Handling Station.



Once the image pops up on screen, you can read the descriptions to learn details about this customer’s project.

You’ll notice that this particular one has additional related images in the lower left corner.

To view these additional images, click on the small pictures icons. (You can also navigate the right or left arrows on the image to cycle through the related images.)



Here is the third image in the sequence showing the Material Handling Workstation with HDPE countertops that prevent product damage.

What About Laboratory Furniture?

Interested in Lab furniture? Let’s take a look. Click on the word Category to go up a level. (You can also click on the word ‘Gallery’ on the main menu to start over.)

We’ve divided our customer’s laboratory projects into two categories, Wet Labs and Tech Labs.


Wet Labs

Let’s take a look at Wet Labs first.

Here you’ll see an interesting range of large and small projects, including installations that feature modular furniture, casework installations, or a mixture of the two in a single project.


If you want to print one of these images, click on it to make it full size. Then locate the small printer icon to the right of the image. Clicking on the printer icon launches a custom PDF file that you can either print right away or save for future reference.

You can also zoom and pan the onscreen images. Use the [ + ] and [ – ] icons to control the zoom level.


Technical Labs

Now let’s look at the technical labs category. Click Category in the breadcrumb navigation menu and then click the Tech Lab icon.



Here you can view a variety of customer projects, including examples of workstations for repairing and servicing computer servers.


Why not request a quote right from a Gallery image?

As you look over these example projects, you might be interested in having us build a similar project to your specifications. You might ask yourself, ‘How much would something like this cost?’ It’s easy to find out.

Select the green “Click for Pricing” button, and a screen appears. Here you can submit a request for a price estimate based on the particular image you are viewing. (Tip: there is no need to describe which project you are looking at, that information will be sent to us automatically.)

Should you have your own unique requirements that you’d like to be included in the price quote, then that’s easy too. Just enter any details in the text box provided. Then click “Get Quote” and one of our Formaspace Design Consultants will respond back to you right away.


Office Furniture

Now you can check out the different office furniture products Formaspace has designed and built in our Austin, Texas manufacturing headquarters for customers around the world.

Navigate to the top by clicking Category and choose the Office icon.

In Office category, you can see we have a large range of different furniture products to review.


Personalized Standard Design Furniture versus Fully Custom-built Furniture

As you may know, Formaspace builds every piece of furniture to order.

We offer both personalized standard designs (modified products) as well as fully custom-built furniture.

What is a personalized standard design? It’s simple. You begin by choosing a table or workbench from our standard product line. Then you make it your own by choosing your favorite accessories, your choice of countertop material (such as hardwood maple, stainless steel, phenolic resin or laminate), and finally a custom color finish for the heavy-duty metal frames.



Or, if you have a fully custom-built design in mind, we are very flexible. We can suggest a design concept for you; we can take your design direction (even if it’s sketched on a cocktail napkin!) and refine it for production, or we can take your detailed engineering drawings and build your furniture to your exact specifications.

In other words, Formaspace can be your turn-key manufacturer.

There’s a great example of this in the Gallery. The bespoke conference table shown above with three slender U-shaped supporting legs is a one-of-a-kind signature piece of furniture we built for the tech startup Fundbox.


Sit-to-Stand (S2S) Height-Adjustable Office Desks are a favorite choice




Among our product favorites is the Sit-to-Stand (S2S) height-adjustable office desk. These handsome desks can be ordered with built-in power touch controls that automatically raise or lower the desk. Changing from a sitting position to a standing position can help you feel more refreshed and alert during the workday. 

This is a standard product line offering. Get a quote by clicking on the green “Click for Pricing” button. You can also personalize your desk or workbench with a full set of options by using our intuitive step-by-step Quote Generator.


Take a Look at All the Different Industrial Applications for Formaspace Furniture

Perhaps you’d rather look at solutions that fall into specific industry categories. That’s easy.

Click Category to return to the top level and then choose the Applications icon.




You will be presented with a set of choices. Pick the industries that interest you and explore.


  • Large Projects
  • Education
  • Assembly
  • Government
  • Materials Handling
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Aerospace


As before, you can request a quote or print out a PDF file of any project.


Take Stock of our Standard Product Line

Finally, take a look at our standard product lines, which—in reality—are not that standard because you can personalize each one quite a bit.




Click Category to return to the top level, and then choose the Product Line icon.

Now you can explore each of our different standard product lines.


  • Basix
  • Bench Plus
  • Benchmarx
  • Computer Workstations
  • S2S Parson’s Table
  • Storage Solutions
  • Countertops
  • Accessories


Don’t forget that each standard product can be personalized with your favorite choices, such as different countertop materials, lighting options, shelving and cabinet configurations, surface finishes, custom colors, and more.

And if you don’t see exactly what you want, don’t forget we can build fully-custom designs as well, manufactured to your exact specifications.


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We hope the new online Gallery will inspire you to transform your work environment.

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