We manufacture task-specific computer furniture to increase productivity — just give us the specs and we will engineer your functional, durable, and ergonomic computer benches.


Custom Computer Work Station

Computer Repair Workstation

Formaspace Computer Repair benches are ideal for hardware support and computer repair teams. Ability to protect your PCB mounted ICs against ESD and durable to accommodate heavy duty operations.
Data Entry Workbench

Data Entry Workstations

Formaspace data entry workstations improve your employees’ safety and efficiency. Ergonomically designed computer furniture, including height-adjustable work surfaces, for sitting or standing use, can accommodate multiple shifts and users.

LAN Workstation

Formaspace LAN Stations provide ample space for your servers, switches and WAN / LAN support peripherals. Common configurations include rack mount solutions, shelving, LCD mounts, keyboard trays and power distribution for your computer table.
Monitoring Workstations

Monitoring Workstations

Formaspace Monitoring Workstations improve interaction with large amounts of graphics and data, such as Financial Traders, Security Surveillance or CAD / CAM.

Computer Furniture Features

Work Bench Organization

Formaspace computer workstations can help you organize your work space for maximum productivity with various attachments like cable management, CPU holder, USB hubs, monitor mounts, retractable cords, power strips, wire grommets, and custom storage.

Ergonomic Workstation

Is work space setup causing you or your employees back and neck pain? Formaspace’s office chairs, height adjustable desks, keyboard trays and flexible monitor arms give you the ability to adjust your workplace to accommodate to your health, comfort and safety standards.

Adaptable Furniture

Formaspace offers functional workstation designs from LAN stations to data entry, for all your computer-involved work space applications. All our workbenches and attachments; like heavy duty upper & lower shelving, storage options, are compliant with industry regulations.

Customizable Furniture Designs

Formaspace Computer Workstations and LAN Stations offer high flexibility in task-oriented work environments. Our design engineers and design consultants will be dedicated to your project no matter how small or how large your custom workbench project is.

Our Products


Our standard products are Quick Ship Items that are the most economical product solution. These workstations exceed industry standards and include the highest quality materials for lasting durability. Choose from the Basix, Bench Plus or Benchmarx configurations, then select your materials and finishes, and we’ll ship your workbenches as soon as 15 days.

Standard Basix Work Bench


Bench Plus™

Standard Benchmarx Work Station



Choose a standard configuration of Basix, Bench Plus or Benchmarx and then modify the pre-engineered workbench to fit your function with accessories and storage options.

    Top Accessories:
  • Monitor Mounts
  • ESD Kit
  • Drawers
  • Lower Shelf
  • CPU Holders
  • Hydraulic Lift
  • Total Lock Casters
  • Articulating Monitor Arm
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Power Strip
  • Magnifying Light
Modified Basix

Modified Basix

Modified Bench Plus

Modified Bench Plus

Modified Benchmarx

Modified Benchmarx


Our expertise lies in task-specific design from scratch for a variety of Industrial applications such as assembly, packing stations, and repairing. With our team of consultants and engineers, you get custom workbenches created for your specific task and workflow.

Our custom furniture solutions increase spatial efficiency, streamline productivity, improve employee safety, and create an organized environment for your specific application. Whether your process improvement goals are quality driven, Takt Time improvement, or repetitive task centric; our design consultants can assist you in creating a best in class production process. Ask for a Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) evaluation today.

Custom Computer Bench

Fully Custom

Custom Computer Station

Fully Custom

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