We help create work environments designed for maximum productivity and organization — just give us the specifics and we will design workbenches that are ergonomic, durable, and safe for employees.




Creating flexibility and mobility in your manufacturing facility shouldn't cost a majority of your annual expansion budget. Adapt easily to changes! Your productivity and efficiency is guaranteed when working at an extremely durable and high-quality Formaspace manufacturing workstation.


FORMASPACE assembly workstations are designed to provide flexibility without compromising efficiency. Heavy duty benching for creating a lean and safe assembling environment.
Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving

We'll create an efficient, safe, and durable solution to keep your supply chain productive with a task specific design.
Material Handling

Material Handling

We’ll create an efficient, safe, and durable solution to keep your supply chain productive with a task specific design.


Tool Bench

Tool Bench

Stay organized and aware of the location of your tools with an accommodating workbench offering an array of drawer sizes, configurations, and storage options.
Electronic Assembly & Repair

Electronic Assembly & Repair

Forget ESD mats and utilize our innovative 24/7/365 monitoring solution. We’ll integrate your furniture into the production line and create ergonomic stations for multiple-shift operations.
Rack System

Rack System

Our metal wire shelving systems provide airflow, mobility, a wide range of load-bearing capacity, and can be built to your size specifications.
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty benches can support up to 20,000lbs and take a beating from hefty parts and tools with our durable, ergonomic benches.

America’s Premiere Manufacturer of Rugged Workbenches

Maximum Workstation Efficiency

Whether it is for a manufacturing line or a packing station, any bench designed & built by Formaspace engineers follow efficiency standards commonly accepted by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), such as hand and shoulder load, forearm reach, clearance dimensions and etc. Talk to a Formaspace consultant for highly efficient designs or to schedule your Rapid Plant Assessment.

Safety Comes First

Workplace injuries caused by poor workstation design is a common problem for any industrial operation. Our solutions grant the fewest lost labor days by protecting your employees’ health and your equipments’ stability. Contact us to prevent repetitive action injuries and to adopt ergonomics in your workplace.

For Any Usability

Formaspace work surfaces and workstation designs accommodate requirements from ESD compliance to heavy duty equipment pairing. Our industrial furniture consultants help you choose the best work surface and bench attachments for your specific tasks.

Durability Yields Utility

Workstations exposed to multiple shifts and heavy usage require ultimate durability and stability. Formaspace workbenches offer the highest durability for the toughest of work conditions. Our metal frames are fully welded to last forever and work surface options from phenolic to plastic laminate delivers with the shortest lead time possible.

Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA)

With 30+ years of furniture manufacturing and Lean production knowledge, we offer consultation services that include client site surveys, operator interviews, current state process evaluation, and a host of other continuous improvement activities. Clients who take advantage of our RPA services see the highest return on their investment.

Our Products


Our standard line consists of Quick Ship Items and are the most budget-friendly product choice. Choose from the Basix, Bench Plus or Benchmarx configurations, select your materials and finishes, and we’ll ship your workbenches as soon as 15 days. These workbenches exceed industry standards and include the highest quality materials for lasting durability.


Bench Plus



Choose from our line of Basix, Bench Plus or Benchmarx and then modify the pre-engineered configuration to meet your task with accessories and storage options.

    Top Accessories:
  • Drawers
  • Lower Shelf
  • Angled Upper Shelf
  • Hydraulic Lift
  • ESD Kit
  • Total Lock Casters
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Monitor Arm
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Power Strip
  • Under Shelf Light

Modified Basix

Modified Bench Plus

Modified Benchmarx


Our expertise lies in task-specific design from scratch for a variety of Industrial applications such as assembly, packing stations, and repairing. With our team of consultants and engineers, you get custom workbenches created for your specific task and workflow.

Our custom furniture solutions increase spatial efficiency, streamline productivity, improve employee safety, and create an organized environment for your specific application. Whether your process improvement goals are quality driven, Takt Time improvement, or repetitive task centric; our design consultants can assist you in creating a best in class production process. Ask for a Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) evaluation today.

Fully Custom

Fully Custom

Fully Custom

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