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How to Create a Successful Testing Laboratory

Looking to create a new testing laboratory? Formaspace builds custom lab solutions built to your exact specifications at our Austin, TX factory HQ.

Government & Military

How the Government Shutdown is Impacting Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, & Other Industries

The government shutdown is over. Or is it? We summarized some of the impact on government agencies and select industries. Click here to read now!

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Preserving the World One Science Discovery at a Time

What science discoveries has your research lab conducted? Read the 2018 medical discoveries that advanced human health and how custom furniture can help!

Formaspace News

Formaspace Launches a New Website with Smart Content & 3D Workbench Builder

We launched our new website with smart content like the 3DConfigure and updated industry specific gallery images. Visit our home page for information!


Keep Your Semiconductor Cleanroom Running at Peak Performance

We interviewed expert, Mark Burgholzer, on how to keep a semiconductor cleanroom running at peak performance. Read these design and disaster recovery tips!


New Innovations in Aerospace Technology

Read more about the future developments in aerospace and how your manufacturing facility can improve its industrial furniture as new innovations develop!


How Pharmaceutical Industry can Improve Health Literacy

Is your healthcare facility up to date on drug labeling and packaging instructions? Read how you can reduce prescription errors and educate your patients!

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What are the Lab Design Trends for 2018?

Remodeling your laboratory soon? Read the 6 design trends for 2018 to learn how to encourage team collaboration and expand your scientific research!

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Introducing 3DConfigure: Will It Revolutionize the Workbench Market?

Formaspace’s new 3D Virtual Workbench Builder allows you to get free, same-day, online quotes of our different lines of custom workbenches. Try it today!

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Cannabis Testing Lab Design Tips from a Specialized Architecture Firm

We interviewed Satto Rugg from Merj Architecture, a cannabis-specific testing lab design company. Read his tips to start your cannabis testing lab business.

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5 Core Concepts to Operate a Museum

Want to learn more about the departments and design elements that enhance museum operations? Read these 5 concepts to broaden your museum design approach.

Sample Processing

Can Current Soil Testing Labs Meet Growth in the Organic Farming Industry?

Organic farming trends suggest that the industry needs more soil testing labs. Read these tips and learn the value of starting your soil testing lab today!

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Hot Trends at Pittcon 2018 for Lab Scientists and Facility Managers

Did you miss out on Pittcon this year? Read this article to learn about the highlights and 5 trends that we saw while in Orlando!

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Formaspace Exhibits Unique Lab Workbenches at Pittcon 2018

Formaspace is headed to Pittcon 2018 to exhibit our Benchmarx™ & Triton™ benches. Come meet our executives and see our products at booth #3507!


How You Can Prevent the Flu at Your Office

Coming down with the flu is no fun, but what if your entire office came down with it at the same time? Read more on how to prevent flu & its costly effects.

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What are the Key Aspects of Sustainable Lab Design?

Many labs are falling behind in the push for sustainable facilities. How can lab architects and facilities managers create more efficient labs? Read more!

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Is Your Laboratory Smart?

Is a lack of technology keeping your lab from advancing? Read this article to learn about how Formaspace can make your lab smarter!

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Need Help Moving Beyond the Lab Bench?

Moving up the traditional academic lab career ladder or pursuing a rewarding private sector job? Read our helpful comparison for your big decision.


Will the Internet of Things Change the Future of the Healthcare Industry?

Will the Internet of Things (IoT) advance the delivery of quality care? Is virtual reality in healthcare just hype? Read more to learn the answers!

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How to Start a Cannabis Testing Lab

With the growth of the legal cannabis market, should you start a cannabis testing lab or add onto your preexisting lab? Read this article to decide!