Will We Confide in AI Chatbots When We Need Healthcare?

Find out more about the potential for AI-based Chat systems to help healthcare providers take better care of their patients.

Wet Lab

What Researchers Know about Ultra-Processed Foods

Find out more about the latest research into health outcomes associated with ultra-processed food consumption.

Formaspace News

Discover “The Future of Lab” and All the Other Important Formaspace Announcements at NeoCon 2024

NeoCon 2024 was a major success for Formaspace - read more about the most important highlights from NeoCon 2024.

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Plastics Recycling is a Failure, Can We Solve the Problem?

Recent negotiations to sign a Global Plastic Treat to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution did not result in a final agreement. In this Formaspace executive report, we look at the underlying treaty negotiations and new alternatives to plastics being developed by laboratory researchers.

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Evolution of Lab at NeoCon 2024

At NeoCon 2024, Formaspace is presenting the Future of Lab. Take a look at the evolution of laboratory science in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

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The Future of Lab - Coming to NeoCon June 10-12

Join Formaspace as we present The Future of Lab at NeoCon 2024 at Suite 11-124 in the Merchandise Mart on June 10-12, 2024.

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Can AI-based Tools Design Commercial Interiors and Consumer Products?

Find out how designers are taking advantage of AI in the design process – and how they avoid using AI for final design projects.


The Work We Do While We Sleep, According to Lab Researchers

Find out about the significant role sleep labs play in identifying potentially dangerous sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

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Are Aging Cells Responsible for More Young People Getting Cancer?

Read more about how the discovery of prematurely aging cells could help uncover the cause of rising cancer diagnoses.


Public Health Laboratory Researchers Prepare to Fend off Disease X

Will the next global pandemic be as devastating as COVID-19, or can we do a better job of preventing the next epidemic outbreak?


The AI Doctor Will See You Now

Find out how AI-based tools are increasingly relied on to provide diagnostic and patient support services.


Finding the On-Off Switch for Gene Expression

Learn about the importance of gene expression and how it might pave the way for improved personalized medicine outcomes.

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Adulterated Food and Beverage Products Come Under Laboratory and Legal Scrutiny

Find out more about the new upcoming legal regulations and the increased need for expert food and beverage testing laboratories.


Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life in the Laboratory

In this Formaspace executive report, we look at the difficulties scientists face in bringing extinct species back from the dead.


Can We Ingest Micro Robotic Electromechanical Devices to Cure Disease?

Read more about advances in developing ingestible microrobots to treat medical conditions and localized maladies, such as cancerous tumors.

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3D Printing Human Organs in the Laboratory

Find out more about the progress in 3D printing human cells, that can lead to recreating entire complex organs for transplanting.

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CRISPR Gene Editing Therapy Approved for Sickle Cell Disease

Find out how the new CRISPR technology works and the role that lab science plays in editing genes using the technology.


Fighting Fire with Fire: Using Natural Bacteria Killers to Treat Superbug Infections

Find out how phage therapy could help with drug-resistant superbug infections that are outsmarting modern medicine.


Will Eli Lilly Beat Novo Nordisk in the Weight Loss Drug Game in 2024?

In this Formaspace executive report, we look at how the pharmaceutical market will change in 2024 as new entrants appear.

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The Decline of Disruptive Science: Are We Publishing More but Innovating Less?

In this Formaspace executive report, we look at whether the critics are right that we have hit a slowdown in scientific discovery.