What You Need to Know to Start Up a Manufacturing Business

Starting up a manufacturing business? Take a look at 10 factors to consider when planning your new domestic manufacturing facility.

Industrial Facilities

How are Tariffs & Trade Barriers Impacting the Furniture Business?

What are the Consequences of Raising Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Imported Furniture from 10% to 25%? Read effects of trade war on furniture market.

Industrial Facilities

How to Attract Talent to Industrial Facilities

If you’re coming up short on finding enough workers for your industrial facility, you’re not alone. Let's look at ways to attract (and retain) more workers.


How New Advanced Alloys Are Revolutionizing Product Manufacturing

Read more how reducing and recycling consumer plastic waste during the manufacturing process helps the environment and creates more durable unique products!

Formaspace News

Formaspace Launches a New Website with Smart Content & 3D Workbench Builder

We launched our new website with smart content like the 3DConfigure and updated industry specific gallery images. Visit our home page for information!


Leverage OSHA Regulations to Improve Workplace Safety

What are the OSHA requirements for your facility? Read our article for OSHA standards and ergonomic furniture tips to help prevent workplace injuries.


How Kaizen Can Improve Your Manufacturing Production Quality

Can Kaizen improve quality and efficieny in your manufacturing facility? Read about our 3-day Kaizen event for tips and steps to secure a successful event!

Material Handling

How to Use Advanced Robotics and Technology in Material Handling

Read how manufacturers are adopting material handling technologies like wearable robotics to make operations more efficient while creating a safe workplace!


New Innovations in Aerospace Technology

Read more about the future developments in aerospace and how your manufacturing facility can improve its industrial furniture as new innovations develop!


8 Manufacturing Trends in 2018 for the United States

The manufacturing world is constantly evolving with new innovations. Read 8 trends to improve worker productivity and become a lead manufacturing facility!


4 Ways Quick Response Manufacturing Reduces Lead Time

Want to learn how your business can reduce lead time and market products faster? Read the 4 principles of QRM to enhance your facilities supply chains!

Formaspace News

Introducing 3DConfigure: Will It Revolutionize the Workbench Market?

Formaspace’s new 3D Virtual Workbench Builder allows you to get free, same-day, online quotes of our different lines of custom workbenches. Try it today!


Can Manufacturers Keep Up with Mass Customization?

An increasing number of consumers are wanting products that are customized. Read about how these preferences impact manufacturing companies!


10 Trends Changing the Electronics Assembly Market

What are the key factors affecting the assembly industry's improving outlook? Take a look at 10 trends that are changing the future of this market!


How to Select the Location of Your New Manufacturing Plant

Are you trying to decide where to locate your new manufacturing plant? Read this article for things to consider before the big move!

Industrial Facilities

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Top for Your Business Furniture

Looking for the top quality American-Made hardwood countertops? Compare which hardwood is right for your workbench project & learn why quality matters!

Industrial Facilities

Should Robots Replace Humans in Your Industrial Facility?

Will robots replace humans on the factory floor and decrease the amount of manufacturing jobs available? Read more to learn forecasts & applications.

Industrial Facilities

How Process Mining Can Help Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

Manufacturing industries & assembly lines are now utilizing process mining to analyze big data and are finding ways to improve operations. Learn how!

Material Handling

How to Build a Custom Shipping Crate

Want to save some money on building your own custom shipping crates? Formaspace created an easy to read guide to help you get started. Read how here!

Industrial Facilities

What Can Manufacturers do to Help Solve the Energy Crisis?

With global temperatures rising and carbon-based energy resources diminishing, we must look to new ways of helping solve the energy crisis. Read how!