Formaspace Debuts Innovative New Lab Bench at Pittcon 2017

Leading Austin-based industrial and office furniture manufacturer introduces versatile, cost-effective new product

Austin, Texas—March 2, 2017—Formaspace, one of the country’s foremost manufacturers of value-creating industrial, office and lab furniture, announces the introduction of their newest product, the Integrated Lab Services Bench.

The company will be showcasing the latest offering at the 2017 Pittcon Conference and Expo, March 5-9, 2017, booth #4603. Pittcon is the world’s leading annual conference and expo on lab science, drawing governmental, academic, and industry leaders from more than 90 countries.

lab bench with integrated services

Integrated Lab Services Bench

This bench was built out of what the Formaspace team saw as a void in the market: the need for a cost-effective, flexible, and fully customizable lab bench solution.

This adaptable lab services bench ships fully welded, cutting down on installation time and cost.

“Everything you need in a lab is integrated into the bench, such as gas, power, and data,” said Greg Casey, VP of Engineering for Formaspace. “It speeds up lab occupancy. Order the bench, roll it into the space, and it’s ready to go.”

Storage elements and finishes can be completely tailored to the needs of the individual lab, based on organizational and logistic requirements, as well as aesthetics. Cabinetry is adjustable, representing the utmost in versatility in the industry, and undermount storage can be moved from left to right. Specific storage elements can include not only cabinets but also drawers, waste disposal, vacuum pump cabinets, and specialized combinations.

Upper shelving, work surface materials, and coating finishes can similarly be selected based on specific needs and requirements. Surface materials offer chemical and temperature resistance and include options such as epoxy, phenolic, steel, and stainless.

“We’re excited to introduce this new bench offering,” said Casey. “It really speaks to the needs we’ve seen among our clients. They need to be able to design their workspaces completely, but to do so in a way that stays on budget and is efficient, which are the key advantages of the Integrated Lab Services Bench.”


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