Why is Having Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Important?

Living tiny and downsizing; it’s the trend that’s sweeping across America. Even with this new fad there are many people and places that still have a lot of furniture. When it comes to businesses there are desks, tables, cabinets, filing cabinets, and so much more that makes up our office space. We depend on these items on a daily basis so much so we wouldn’t know what to do without them.

With all this furniture, toxins and gases are being released into the air and most of us are not even aware of it. Furniture has so many different chemicals that can be harmful; anything from the steel and materials used to the paint and stain. There is good news though, we can prevent these dangerous chemicals from harming the environment. We can improve our health, the condition of our economy, ecosystems, and the planet as a whole.


contemporary conference table in california startup
Eco-friendly Contemporary Conference Table


Reasons Why Going Green in the Office is Essential

1.Cleaner Office Air

When buying office furniture, it’s important to know who you are buying from and what kind of materials and products they use. Not all paints, stains and raw materials are toxic. There are low and zero-VOC paints and stains, whole woods, metals, and glass that do not emit harmful toxins in to the air. Other products such as powder coating is not only much safer for the employees using that table, bench, desk, or cabinet, it’s also the cleaner, environment-friendly option. While there is a small chemical presence in each of these products it will not release as much or for as long, or if at all like the non-eco-friendly options.

2.Less Outside Pollution

American made furniture and products can reduce the pollution that goes in to our already damaged air. Over sea transportation time and miles are cut drastically in which case money is saved and less emissions are being released in to the air.

3.American Economies Can Thrive

Buying USA-made ensures safe, quality products. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ensures manufactures meet the standards to produce quality products safe for consumers. Buying goods made in the U.S. means you can rest easy knowing your products comply with American consumer protection laws and safety standards.

Earth Day and Recycled Materials in Furniture
Environmentally friendly office furniture

4.Recycling Reduces Recourses, Pollution, and Landfills

Producing virgin material such as wood and metal uses a lot of resources. By using that reclaimed wood or recycled metal, less man power is needed and emissions and electricity from machines creating the virgin material is reduced. Not only is reclaimed wood “green” it’s a beautiful and popular trend that everyone is following. Some very unique pieces are being made from both reclaimed wood and metal. Going green has so many benefits! It creates a snowball effect with how it helps our planet. When we recycle and upcycle materials we are keeping them from going to landfills. While there are many things that are biodegradable, it takes much longer to break down when it’s in the landfills. Thousands of pounds of trash covering the biodegradable materials make it hard for the air to reach it making the break down process that much longer.

5.Reduces Deforestation

Our earth is always growing smaller as the needs of humans and our population are continuing to climb. So many rainforests, jungles and habitats are being wiped out to meet the demands of our growing population. By going with green furniture we can limit the amount of trees we use and habitats we destroy. We need trees! They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and support many people’s way of life. Because trees support us and have so many benefits it’s crucial they are harvested correctly. If not, we may just one day have a world without them.


Formaspace’s Contributions to Being a Green Company

While our office furniture and work benches may not be entirely green we are making strong strides to get there.

Powder Coating

  • Formaspace has many tops our clients can choose from, anything from wood to stainless steel, epoxy, and laminate. Our laminate work surfaces are CARB compliant which eliminates off gases.
  • If you choose a colored frame, we powder coat the metal instead of using paint. Formaspace even makes their own reclaimed powder mixture called Eco Gray. This product is created when excess powders do not adhere to the metal and fall. The powder is then mixed together to create that gray color. 
  • The metal used to build our frames is produced and procured locally cutting down transportation travel, time and money.
  • Formaspace uses LED motion sensor lights on all benches that require that item.
  • To package up our furniture we use 100% recycled corrugated wrap rolls, and 98% pre-consumer recycled paper corner and edge guards.

Not only do we strive to make an eco-friendly work bench, we work hard to stay green around the office space and workshop.

  • Formaspace uses Nest Smart Thermostat heating and cooling for a more efficient system.
  • We also equipped the workshop and office space with motion sensor lights that have been upgraded to LED bulbs like the lights on our benches. Because of this and the Nest Smart Thermostat we have greatly reduced our utility bills.
  • All the material that went unused for projects or came out wrong is recycled in to new projects. We have cut waste that goes to landfills by 60% in the last two years.

To the green purist our company may not be as green as it should be, but we are working every day to push the gauge of our company carbon footprint down. Our purchasing department is always looking for better and stronger product alternatives that are eco-friendly and our staff is continually coming up with good ways to conserve energy and make the office a greener space.

Though Formaspace is learning every day new ways to continue improving our green furniture and work space we are highly experienced with designing green offices. We can consult readers and clients on materials and designs that will help them reduce their carbon footprint. Shoot us a quick email today at design.consultant@formaspace.com and let one of our design consultants help you achieve your green dreams.


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