Powder Coating Services

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a method of coating metal and other surfaces using a dry, heat-cured thermoplastic powder. Powder coating is very popular in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial applications.

Why choose powder coating over paint?

Powder coating is the preferred method of coating in many applications due its appearance, toughness and longevity, and powder’s minimal environmental impact in comparison to paint. Powder coating also cures faster and is less expensive than paint in many specialty applications. In short, powder is better, faster, and cheaper than paint.

“No VOC” Guarantee

Formaspace guarantees that your Formaspace-coated metal product does not contain any volatile organic compounds.

Why choose Formaspace?

Formaspace delivers high quality, low cost, just-in-time powder coating solutions for aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, furniture, and industrial applications.

Formaspace specializes in powder coating services for moderate to high throughput, heavy or bulky items which require little or no preparation work such as media blasting or masking. Examples include auto chassis or small aircraft fuselages, metal cabinets, metal furniture, server racks, and exterior signage.

We also eat our own cooking! Formaspace relies on its powder line to coat our own metal furniture products. In fact, if you visit our showplace factory in Austin, Texas, you will see our powder coated products throughout our offices and production facilities.

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