Formaspace Offers a Great Value on Industrial Workbenches

There are five reasons we can offer the best industrial workbench warranty in the industry: our famous 12 years, 3 shifts warranty on industrial workbenches — which includes frames, surfaces, bin rails, adjustable leg kits, levelers and Formaspace manufactured shelving and drawers.


Tool Bench With Tool Box
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1. Superior quality is built in from the start, starting with the right team of people.

We know the heavy-duty requirements of our industrial customers, so we build all our custom furniture to a higher standard. For us, the path toward superior quality starts with having the right team of people with the right skills and the right attitude. You’ll notice the difference from the moment you request a quote from Formaspace: our personnel know their job and have the expertise to ask the right questions and provide the right answers. We work as a very coordinated team here at our single integrated factory location in Austin, Texas — from the trained specialist who takes your order and oversees it to completion, to the cad/cam specialist who designs your customer order, to the fabricators who weld and assemble your furniture, to the technicians who test assemble your order before it leaves the factory floor.


2. We build your furniture at our factory right here in the USA, so we can guarantee quality throughout the manufacturing process.

We don’t outsource any of our industrial workbench production to other suppliers. Every piece of technical furniture, from our modular lines to custom workbench designs, is built by us here in our Austin, Texas facility.

Looking for something fast? Our standard quick ship industrial workbenches can be built and shipped to you in 5 business days or less. Our Smart Ship option offers 5 standard benches in 5 days or 10 standard benches in 10 days.

Need something strong? Our Basix industrial workbench can support up to 5,000 pounds in its standard configuration. This number is routinely doubled with a few minor modifications.

Want something custom? There is no need to send a change order overseas. Our in-house design staff can customize your order using REVIT-compliant CAD/CAM drawings.


Basix Workbench with elegant maple countertop
Basix Workbench with Maple Top


 3. We work with the right partners: local suppliers whom we know and trust.

We have developed strong partnerships with local suppliers who supply our quality steel and other raw materials and specialty hardware. So, for example, if you order a Basix workbench, you can rest assured it’s going to be built of strong steel that’s made in the USA. Whether you choose our standard 1.5″ 16 gauge steel frame or your application needs the heavy-duty 2″ 11 gauge steel frame, you won’t have to worry about where the steel came from and whether it’s going to deliver long-lasting performance. We know our suppliers, which is why we can offer the 12 year, 3 shift warranty on our industrial workbenches.


4. We assemble your order on our factory floor to check the fit and finish before it’s packed up and shipped to you.

It sounds so basic: We assemble your technical furniture order before we unpack and ship it to you. Yet this important step is so crucial to making sure our customers are satisfied. By assembling your order on our factory floor, we know all the pieces are going to fit together and that nothing is missing. So when you receive your order, it’s going to assemble correctly the first time. Other vendors who cross-ship pieces of your order from factories all over the world really have no idea if all the parts are included or if they will fit together. At least they won’t know until you call them to say something is missing or faulty. This outsourced delivery model makes their QA problems your problem. That’s not how Formaspace does business. Quality comes first with us.


5. We want to work with you to make sure it’s right and that you are completely satisfied with our technical furniture.

We work hard to make sure our furniture is the very best in the industry, and our 12 year, 3 shift warranty reflects that. So if you are trying to match existing casework cabinet furniture during a facility remodel, or if you are building a new manufacturing facility and you need heavy-duty industrial workbenches and computer workstations, or you are planning a new wet laboratory design with durable work surfaces, talk to us and let us share our expertise. We can work with you to help you configure the best solution for your requirements. Take the next step and request a quote today.



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