Building on a Great 2016, Ready for 2017

Founded in 1981, Formaspace has changed more than just its name since its inception. Now, thirty-six years later, the company that began operating as Above Board Manufacturing has been transformed from a small, specialist workbench manufacturer into a business that furnishes the labs, offices, and industrial facilities of Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

However, in spite of the changes in size and revenues, the characteristics that the company was built upon – determination, accountability, innovation and hard work – still underpin what we do and how we to continue to grow and succeed.


How Formaspace Got Here

Formaspace has made great strides since its inception. Here are some key moments in our history:


Formaspace Team Outside



Open as Above Board Manufacturing


Expand business with Dell Campus in Texas


Acquired by Sherman


Acquired by Council Oak Investors


Company grows 67%


Update brand name to Formaspace


Listed within America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000. Ranked #27 for Metro Area, and ranked #32 for Manufacturing Industry.


Listed within America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000. Ranked #31 for Metro Area, and ranked #45 for Manufacturing Industry.


Listed within America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies 3 years in a row by Inc. 5000.


Move to 60,000 sq. ft. facility on E. Howard Ln. in Austin, TX


Enter Office Furniture market to compliment Lab Furniture & Industrial Furniture offerings


Formaspace Core Values

Throughout our existence, our success has been based on a close adherence to our core values, which are as follows:

  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Punctuality
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Let’s take a look at how we have put those values into practice in recent times.


Where We Are Now

Formaspace supports innovations in science, business, and production environments. This is our outlet to promote improved health in the workplace. We continually strive to be the forward-thinkers of our industry in every area of our clients’ requirements, and then turn their dreams into realities. A great example of this is our quick-thinking solution to a problem faced by The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) during their race to sequence the first human genome.

Our custom furniture solutions are designed to create immensely satisfying workplaces that exceed client expectations and represent our dedication to innovation and creativity – exemplified by our professionalism and tenacity.

Formaspace creates sophisticated, flexible, and durable workstation solutions to promptly address the needs of our clients, primarily within office spaces, laboratories, and industrial environments. These solutions improve efficacy and efficiency while also creating a safer and more attractive work environment. We also care deeply about the natural environment and take every opportunity to be green-friendly.

We are proud to deliver our contracts on time, or ahead of schedule, every time; as shown by our record in 2016—100% of deliveries were shipped on time or earlier than promised. We have also proven our ability to easily fulfill enterprise orders, including the delivery of over 1,000 workbenches to Capital One Labs in San Francisco.

At Formaspace, we make sure to simply do what we say and say what we do – a rare virtue in our industry. We communicate frequently, openly, honestly, and respectfully, because we always aim to build strong, lasting relationships.

Above all, we care about every client and strive to improve the working environments in which people spend the majority of their daily lives. During the past year, we have built on our growing reputation in the Laboratory and Industrial sectors, and have also successfully begun to widen our client base in the Office Furniture sector. This all bodes well for the future, in which we will continue to strive to exceed clients’ expectations as quickly as we bolster them.


CapitalOne - SF

Looking to the Year Ahead

While we have built on the strong foundations laid by our core values and developed a solid, thriving business, we are always looking to strengthen and improve the services we offer and the solutions we provide. In the coming year, we aim to push on and achieve the following:

  • Continue to deliver workplace solutions above and beyond client expectations
  • Showcase our reputation for innovation, excellence, and reliability
  • Decrease price discrimination by continually exemplifying quality and value
  • Uphold Formaspace furniture to be the globally recognized standard of excellence
  • Become the leading brand in each of our target markets


Want to Join Formaspace Team as a Client or a Business Partner?

If you share our values and are interested in joining the Formaspace team – to help us achieve our goals, continue to grow and provide great service – then click one of the links below to explore what it means to become:

We hope you have also set your goals high for the forthcoming year, and we wish you all the best in striving toward, reaching, and even exceeding your goals. Be brave and determined, work hard, and continue to persevere!

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