Formaspace Debuts Custom Drafting Table in Transformers 3

AUSTIN – July, 12,2011 – Formaspace, a designer and manufacturer of custom technical furniture and accessories, branched out beyond its traditional market and found a new customer base in movies and film. Over the past three years, Formaspace has featured in the set design of several television shows, and this summer it was chosen to provide desks for the blockbuster film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


Transformers 3, image by Digital Citizen
Transformers 3, image by Digital Citizen


According to Paramount Pictures, Transformers 3 was its highest-grossing international debut ever, with an overseas box office of $217 million brought in from 58 territories outside of the U.S. and Canada, and another $181 million for domestic ticket sales. It secured the record for the largest opening on the Fourth of July weekend and followed it up with another $47 million in its second week. Moviegoers have flocked to the theaters to see huge robots battling each other and destroying cities, but production companies need more than CGI effects to create the look of their project.


Formaspace Transforms the Set with a Modern Design

“The producers of Transformers 3 needed a clean, modern drafting table that would suit the look of the movie while keeping within a strict budget,” said Jeff Turk, CEO at Formaspace.

According to Turk, the movie producers asked Formaspace to design and manufacture 12 drafting tables for use in the film. The production required custom designs to match the set’s aesthetic while providing convenient functionality. While the Formaspace workstations wouldn’t be used for any real drafting, they needed to be easy to maneuver and adjust for multiple camera angles.

“The final design to go in the movie featured a white top and light gray frame that shows off a clean, modern aesthetic. We also included total lock casters so everything could be moved and repositioned quickly and easily. We knew that the look and cost of the desks were more important than any drafting capabilities, so we developed a unique desk that incorporated a pseudo drafting surface and drawer plate to minimize costs and reduce shipping weight.”

Formaspace says it understands that every workbench it manufactures will be used in different environments, and while this is the first time to design a table that would be smashed by giant robots, the company says that it is looking forward to future work with other production companies.


transformers 3 furniture falling
Transformers 3 – Formaspace furniture is falling out of building


About Formaspace

Formaspace advances the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacture of custom technical furniture, accessories, and services. The company develops elegant, practical, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical, and industrial environments. Formaspace serves over 80% of the Fortune 500, as well as universities, governments, small businesses and individuals.



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