Why Should You Choose Custom Industrial Workbenches?

In our previous article we talked about choosing between our Smart Ship industrial workbenches (where you can order 5 benches that will ship within 5 days) and standard configuration industrial workbenches, like our Benchmarx line of industrial workbenches (our most popular standard offering). We will review the wide range of custom options available from Formaspace and help you understand why choosing fully custom furniture configurations can be the best option!


makerspace prep school workbenches
Prep School Makerspace


Why Customize Your Industrial Workbenches?

When you order furniture from Formaspace, you are working directly with the manufacturer as we build all our technical furniture at our company facility located in Austin, Texas. Because we are a full-service manufacturer selling to customers around the world, we have extensive experience in building all types of custom industrial workbenches, cabinets and technical furniture. Our customers include over 80% of the Fortune 500 in industries ranging from life-sciences, energy production, scientific research, light and heavy manufacturing, imports/exports and shipping, Pharma and health care industries as well as educational, government, and military organizations. There are many reasons for custom industrial workbenches and technical furniture. Let’s review three reasons, some of which you might find a bit surprising.


1. Custom Industrial Workbenches are More Suitable for LEED-certified Buildings

Since its inception, Formaspace has been a leader in reuse and recycling: 100% of our waste steel, aluminum, sawdust, cardboard and paper is reused in production or recycled for secondary use. As a supporter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Formaspace has provided custom furniture solutions for numerous construction projects certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) buildings. Decisions made in the early stages (including furniture specification) can affect whether you will garner enough points to achieve your desired level of LEED certification. Our experts can help you identify the earth-friendly industrial workbenches, worktables, cabinet casework and other furnishings choices that will maximize the number of points awarded during the certification process.

USGBC LEED Certification
USGBC LEED Certification

Two LEED Certification Scenarios

  • Formaspace custom modular furniture can be fully disassembled and moved from one site to another (where it can be 100% recycled without any impact on landfill resources) which can bring you LEED certification points.
  • If you are in possession of materials which can be suitably recycled into new technical furniture, Formaspace has the capability to work with novel recyclable materials. This could also potentially be a basis for earning LEED certification points.


2. Custom Industrial Workbenches Can Satisfy the Unique Requirements of Your Vertical Industry

The second reason for ordering fully custom furniture from Formaspace is to satisfy the unique requirements of your industry. For example, if you are building or remodeling a research laboratory or a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, your specialized requirements could include:


Research Laboratory or Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Example

  • Housing sensitive specialized instrumentation, such as DNA analyzers, liquid handlers or robotics equipment, all of which need vibration isolation
  • Supporting heavy equipment, such as shakers and centrifuges, which require extra strength support and vibration suppression
  • Protecting high temperature equipment, such as incubators and ovens
  • Isolating cold temperature equipment, such as freezers and refrigerators


And don’t think we are limited to laboratory environmental restrictions. We’ve used phenolic resin for military marine environments (where salt water corrosion is a major concern) and HDPE in black-ops where vibration must be avoided. When you contact one of our Formaspace technical furniture experts, you will benefit from our extensive experience that comes from years of building custom technical furniture for the widest possible range of applications.


3. Custom Industrial Workbenches are Built for Today’s Innovative Architects and Historic, Period Architecture

Two different scenarios — which at first seem may strike you as completely incongruous — make up the third reason that clients come to Formaspace for their custom furniture needs.


What do these two different scenarios have in common?

  • Custom furniture installations specified by today’s innovative architects
  • Sensitive historic landmark renovation projects utilizing period-correct furniture


What characteristics do brand-new, modern furniture systems created by architects share with maintaining period-correct architectural furnishing when renovating historic real estate facilities? Well the answer of course is that — from our viewpoint as the manufacturer — we have to work diligently to capture the intent from the architect, whether it’s a fresh, up-to-the-minute look from 2017 or from a historical period in the past. So, if you are an architect or engineering construction firm searching for a facility to build your new custom furniture, you’ve found the right place.

At Formaspace, we manufacture custom configuration technical furniture built to your exact requirements — and we can detail out the specification using our in-house project staff or we can work directly from your Autodesk© REVIT©–compliant drawings. If you are renovating an existing facility, we also have extensive experience matching existing furniture installations. So, for example, if you are renovating and expanding a traditional mid-century research library, we can match your existing casework furniture, down to the paint color and materials and hardware selection.


Under Mounted Pull Out Shelves on Benchmarx™
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Formaspace Design Consultants Can Help You with Your Custom Industrial Furniture

If you are searching for custom industrial workbenches or other technical furniture, you should contact one of our consultants today. One of our Austin, Texas-based industrial furniture experts will be glad to advise you on how you can take advantage of Formaspace’s capabilities as custom technical furniture manufacturer.  

Industrial Workbenches: Smart Ship or Custom Standard Configurations?

What are the differences between our Smart Ship and standard custom workbench configurations? In a future article we’ll talk about our full range of custom technical furniture manufacturing capabilities. Among our standard industrial workbench offerings, we break this down into two categories: Smart Ship workbenches and our fully customized standard workbench offerings, including our most popular, the Benchmarx series of workbenches.


industrial stainless steel with toolboxes and upper cabinets
Industrial Steel Workbench with Storage


Heavy Duty Industrial Workbenches Ship Out in 5 Days

If you have a very short time-frame in which to take delivery of your industrial workbenches and other technical furniture, you will want to check out our Smart Ship program. Industrial workbenches and laboratory benches in the Smart Ship category ship out to you in 5 business days or less from the time you confirm your order. We offer 5 Standard Benches in 5 days or 10 standard benches in 10 days. Available in 60 inch or 72 inch lengths, our Smart Ship workbenches can be ordered in our 3 most popular powder coat colors, and you can choose between black phenolic resin, plastic laminate or ESD* top surfaces. (*ESD in case you are not familiar with the term stands for Electrostatic Discharge; those working with sensitive electronic equipment require special grounded surfaces that prevent build up of static electricity or electrostatic induction.)

Among other Smart Ship customizations, you can request a built-in upper shelf with a shelf light and an integral power strip as well as powder-coated steel drawers underneath the work surface. And, just because we can deliver these to you quickly, don’t assume we take any shortcuts on quality and durability. We use the same 1.5 inch fully welded, powder-coated steel frames as in all our furniture, which means all our Smart Ship industrial workbenches can support evenly distributed weight loads of up to 1,000 pounds. In summary, our Formaspace Smart Ship workbench line is an ideal solution for those who want the durability and quality of our ‘made in the USA’ technical furniture products — including the best warranty in the industry — but must take delivery in a short time-frame.


Our Most Popular Standard Industrial Workbench Offering


Need more choices or have a highly specific need? Then look beyond our Smart Ship options at the fully-customizable line of industrial workbenches known as Benchmarx. This is our most popular industrial workbench, as it provides the most flexibility of design and storage space due to its two unistruts. These allow for additional accessories to be placed above the work surface, and are a great alternative to traditional casework since they are easy to move (no demo required). The Benchmarx is especially suited for both electronics bench work and chemical laboratory use, but we will get more into that later in this article.

Industrial Workbench Benchmarx with Upper and Full Depth Lower Shelves
Benchmarx with Upper & Lower Shelves

While it’s considered a “standard” product, there are numerous options available to customize the Benchmarx workbench (and like all of our benches, it’s always made to order). Among the many standard options, you can select the most suitable work surface material for your needs, including plastic laminate and ESD laminate (the two primary options in our Smart Ship offering) as well as chemical-resistant laminate, epoxy, phenolic resin, maple, steel or other custom surfaces of your choosing. We can even use multiple work surfaces on the same bench, either by creating a split surface or an inset (frequently used for glass inserts).

You can also select an upgrade from our standard 1.5 inch steel frames to even beefier 2 inch frames for increased weight loads, or switch from 16 gauge to 11 gauge steel. We also offer 14 standard colors as well as the option of matching any color you want for the powder-coated frame. Finally, you are not restricted to set dimensions, so if you need a larger (or smaller) size than what is considered ‘standard’ by the industry, we can easily accommodate you. This extends to split-level height work benches as well as height adjustable work surfaces.


Different Industrial Workbench Applications

The next level of standard options offered depends on your application. For example, if you need to use a workbench for manufacture or repair of electronic components, you will be interested in our ESD package, as well as ESD seating and selection of ESD mats. Depending upon your need, we can even provide ESD powder coat on the bench frame and supports. We also offer large under shelf lights and built-in desk magnifiers, LCD monitor arm supports as well as wire management guides to create a productive environment for working with electronic components.


If you are in the market for kitting out a laboratory, particularly a wet lab, you will want to check out the custom options in our Benchmarx wet labs series. They offer the same durability and load capacity as our industrial benches, with the special materials and accessories needed for lab safety and efficiency. This series offers a full set of options for productive work in a laboratory setting, including epoxy resin sinks and back-splashes, as well as integrated eyewash stations and gas valves for operating burners. Other important accessories which can be added include glassware drying racks, fume hoods, specialized storage cabinets, and a wide variety of shelves and utility drawer combinations to facilitate storage of fragile glassware and other sensitive experimental equipment.


Plexon Test Lab Benches
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Industrial Workbenches Built to Meet Your Needs

Formaspace serves over 80% of Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous universities, small businesses, military and government institutions. We know that giving our customers choice when it comes to selection of industrial workbenches and laboratory casework is one of our key advantages. Because we manufacture and sell all of our technical furniture from our factory in Austin,Texas, we can provide our customers with popular workbench configurations that ship quickly. We also offer fully custom configurations which we build just for you — based on your specifications, or built according to your Revit-compliant engineering drawings.

In an upcoming article, we will continue the discussion of which industrial workbenches are right for you as we review Formaspace’s capabilities as a manufacturer to create fully custom modular furniture or casework cabinetry built according to your specific requirements. In the meantime, if you are in the market for industrial workbenches or other technical furniture, why not contact one of our consultants? You’ll be speaking with someone located at our factory in Austin, Texas. When you contact one of our technical furniture consultants, they will work with you to help determine which of our many furniture offerings will be the best solution for you.