Formaspace Introduces a Unique Height-Adjustable Desk

Formaspace debuts new height-adjustable desk, Weldmarx I, as part of their new office line, Weldmarx.

Formaspace, a manufacturer of custom furniture solutions, announces their unique desking product, Weldmarx I, for office environments. This height-adjustable desk will be a part of several new products in their official office furniture line launching at the largest commercial interiors trade show, NeoCon, on June 12, 2017.

Weldmarx I & Weldmarx XI


It all started when some of the largest dealers on the West Coast and architects across the country began their search for unique and differentiated office furniture. They wanted a desk with height-adjustable capabilities, and Formaspace gladly rose to the challenge. After three years of refinement, Formaspace has designed the ideal height adjustable desk.

Height-adjustable work surfaces are available from many manufacturers, but only Formaspace Office has created a desk that raises, lowers, and moves as one solid piece of furniture. Weldmarx I is differentiated in its design and in its purpose. It was created to sustain healthy practices at the workplace and provide long-term solutions for ailments through the use of smart ergonomic technology.

Not only is Weldmarx I functional, but its sleek and industrial design supports the growing trend towards open office spaces. Industrial designs highlight the structure and architecture of a building and focus more on durable and authentic materials. Standard material options for Weldmarx I include 3 different hardwood surface options, 5 standard laminate options, and can be powder coated with 10 different frame colors.

Along with a sit-to-stand desk, Formaspace will offer several other desking options such as a non-adjustable and more traditional desk and larger L-shaped options. Formaspace will also offer unique storage solutions such as mobile pedestals, office credenzas, lateral file cabinets and book shelves. These options will be consistent with their industrial, sleek design and their durability.

According to Formaspace’s CEO, Jeff Turk, “Here at Formaspace, our aim is to come up with differentiated, intentional and unique designs that are attractive to both top talent and new recruits. We produce a product, but more importantly, we manufacture your creative ideas.”

Formaspace Office fosters the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacture of unique furniture solutions. They are committed to the greater issues of humanity and equanimity and are devoted to improving the world that people work in.

To learn more about the company, contact them at 800.251.1505, schedule a one-on-one at Neocon 2017 or email them at


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