How Can An Industrial Workbench Manufacturer Give You Peace Of Mind?

In these troubled times when there’s disagreement in Washington it’s good to know that you can count on Formaspace. Our full line of industrial tables, industrial workbenches and laboratory furniture are designed and manufactured to your specifications right here in our modern factory in Austin, Texas.


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Formaspace Products are American Made and Backed by a 12 Year Guarantee

We know when you make an investments at your factory or manufacturing line, oil and gas facility, health care institution or research lab, you want your investment in technical furniture to go the distance.

We couldn’t agree more.

All of our technical furniture is built to last. That’s why we offer the best guarantee in the business: Our famous continuous use, 3-shift warranty covers all frames, surfaces, and Formaspace manufactured accessories (such as bin rails, adjustable leg kits and melamine cabinets) for a full 12 years, labor included. At Formaspace we use fully welded steel frames to build our furniture – we don’t substitute lightweight sheet metal to cut corners. And we exclusively use high-quality steel that’s ‘made in America’ to build our durable industrial workbenches, packing tables, computer workstations and laboratory furniture. That’s why even our basic industrial worktables can handle 1,000 pound weight loads, while our optional configurations can handle even higher loads, like a full-size helicopter landing on our industrial workbenches at our factory proving grounds.


Is that an Amazon drone? Heck no, it’s Team Formaspace — with Formaspace President Jeff Turk at the controls — in a demonstration flight that proves our industrial-strength workbenches are strong enough to support a full size helicopter.
Formaspace President Jeff Turk in a demonstration flight that proves our industrial-strength workbenches are strong enough to support a full size helicopter.


Formaspace Provides Extensive Corrosion Prevention Techniques

Formaspace doesn’t rely on paint to protect against corrosion on steel frames and neither should you. Instead we use a high-tech powder coating application system that coats and seals the metal surfaces of our welded steel frames with a dry, heat-cured thermoplastic plastic powder for maximum service life. The exact chemical application process used at Formaspace is proprietary trade secret but we can reveal the basic four steps involved in the process: First, each frame is washed in a environmentally-friendly chemical bath. Then during the second stage the steel frames are dried in a custom curing oven. In the third step, each frame is placed in an electrostatic spraying booth where an electrical charge is applied to the frame to attract and retain the powder coating particles on the surfaces. After spraying the frames with the powder coating to a depth of 3 mm, the fourth and final step is to bake the steel frame to a high temperature until the powder coating fuses into a solid, durable long-lasting protective surface that’s highly resistant to corrosion. Powder Coating

In sum, the Formaspace technique for powder-coating frames provides excellent resistance to impact and abrasion, while providing minimal impact on the environment compared to most liquid coatings, such as solvent-based paints. You’ll enjoy piece of mind know your industrial workbenches, packing tables, computer workstations or other type of custom technical furniture we offer not only look good but will look good tomorrow– thanks to the inherent toughness and built-in longevity that Formaspace products are known for. And if you need to match a specific color,

Formaspace also offers you peace of mind: we can match nearly any color sample you provide. And if you plan to install your technical furniture in particularly harsh environments, such as exterior locations with prolonged sunlight exposure or in marine application subject to salt air or chemical production lines with highly corrosive agents, be sure to consult your Formaspace technical furniture expert so we can adjust the powder coating specifications to prolong the service life of your furniture in these kind of punishing environments. For example, we can provide specialty ESD and Epoxy powder coats.


Want to know more about our industrial workbench and technical furniture offerings?

In future articles, we’ll talk about more ways that Formaspace gives you peace of mind when purchasing an industrial workbench, industrial table, computer workstation or laboratory furniture. If you have a project in mind or a need for technical furniture, why not give us a call today to discuss the possibilities. We’d be happy to put your mind at rest and help you form a space! 


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