Formaspace Officially Names New Lab Services Bench “Triton™”

After the 2017 Pittcon Conference & Expo, leading lab furniture solutions designer and manufacturer, Formaspace, has announced the name of their newest integrated lab services bench – Triton™. Based on contest submissions from attendees of the Pittcon ‘17, the world’s leading laboratory science conference and expo, the product has officially been named Triton™.

integrated lab services bench

“Selecting the name from attendee submissions at Pittcon was really unique for us,” said Jodi Gaines, Creative & Brand Marketing Manager at Formaspace. “These names came from some of the top lab professionals, leaders and researchers in the world; the people who attend the conference come from more than 90 countries. The name is not just a reflection of the best features of our new lab bench, but it’s also a reflection of what laboratory furniture end-users are looking for.”

The name comes from the moon Triton, a moon of Neptune. Triton orbits Neptune in a retrograde orbit, meaning the moon orbits Neptune in a direction opposite of the planet’s rotation. Triton is the only large moon in the solar system to orbit in this manner. Much like Triton’s orbital patterns, Formaspace operates differently than competitors by offering innovative products, at economical prices, created to advance the world we work in.

The atmosphere of the moon Triton is mainly composed of nitrogen and methane. The Triton™ lab services bench commonly runs gas through service valves to the workstation surface. Also, known in Greek mythology as the guardian of the sea, Triton™ provides water into the workstation through the water service valve. The embedded valves on Triton™ run water, gases, vacuum, and air, alongside data and power to create a highly functional lab bench solution.

With the motto, “when innovation matters, we’ll get you there,” Formaspace has been an integral part of many of the top breakthroughs in science. Formaspace benches were used in the sequencing of the first human genome, the integration of the first robot into an assembly line, and also the implementation of one of the first cloud systems.

lab bench with integrated services
Integrated Lab Services Bench

“Triton™ will help pave the way for future discoveries to advance the human condition,” said Formaspace CEO, Jeff Turk. “Our new lab bench emphasizes power, service, and versatility. The name Triton originates from ancient Greek mythology shown in the solar system, and we believe our product serves as a critical bridge between the current state of the lab furniture market to the future state that we envision with our solutions.”

“Triton is associated with celestial spaces to represents our ability to design with ambition for our furniture solutions,” said Gaines. “The workbench, like all of our products, are futuristic in their design and functionality, creating opportunities to discover or develop something significant in the lab. We also visually represent our company with an image of space, highlighting our future-centric approach.”

“Our objective is always to create furniture needed to facilitate the next pivotal discovery, and Triton is the name that fits that concept so well,” explained Turk.

Triton™ was launched and publically unveiled earlier this month at the Pittcon Conference & Expo 2017. It is already widely recognized by lab designers and architects for its sleek design, customizable configurations, economical price point, and advanced features.


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