New Furniture Trends for Healthcare Facilities

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How Digital Transformation Dominates Major Healthcare Trends in 2019

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Are Successful Lab Designs Copying Flexible Office Trends?

Are lab designs copying flexible office design trends? Read the key elements that distinguish the modern lab designs from traditional ones.

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How Corporate Wellness Programs Improve Workplace Performance

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How Social Spaces Help Foster a Creative Corporate Culture

What creative and cultural benefits can a social space design do for your company? Read about our research and interview tips from a Senior HR Manager!

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Attract Talent & Transform Workplaces with These Design Trends

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We Asked Government Employees: Are Government Workplaces Up To Par?

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Top 5 Jobs in Demand for the Healthcare Industry

Read our research on the top 5 demanding jobs in healthcare to learn industry qualifications, projected growth rate, and median salary for each care

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How Employers Can Encourage Healthy Eating at Work

Does your office promote healthy eating in the workplace? Learn about the growing trend of office cafeterias and how it can positively affect your business!

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Stopping This Habit at Office is Good For Your Health

Sitting and crossing your legs for long periods of times can lead to some health risks. Read this article for tips on how to stay healthy at the office!


How Can You Build A Better Culture in Your Manufacturing Facility?

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Is your Office Furniture Smart Enough to Keep Up?

How can your office furniture make your work life easier & healthier? Read this article to learn about the smart office products that we can offer you!

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Formaspace Infuses Expertise in Industrial Innovation Into the Office Furniture Market

Formaspace CEO, Jeff Turk, conducted an interview with My Resource Library in regards to Formaspace's new office furniture line, Weldmarx™. Read now!


Will the Internet of Things Change the Future of the Healthcare Industry?

Will the Internet of Things (IoT) advance the delivery of quality care? Is virtual reality in healthcare just hype? Read more to learn the answers!

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Is Biophilic Design What's Missing in Your Office Project?

Architecture is trending towards biophilic design & natural influences. Want to learn how to improve your office project with biophilic elements? Read more!

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5 of the Coolest Office Design Trends Seen at NeoCon 2017

We attended NeoCon 2017 to debut our new furniture line. Read about 5 cool trends that we saw in the office furniture market that you should know about!

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How Office Cafeterias Can Step Up Your Culture Game

There has been a major shift in the way companies are designing their offices. If you need help with your culture game, read more about what you can do!

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Calculate Recommended Office Space with the Formaspace Open Office Calculator

Take advantage of our free online open office space calculator to find out how much space you could save with an open office design concept.


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