Industrial Facilities

Can AI-based Tools Design Commercial Interiors and Consumer Products?

Find out how designers are taking advantage of AI in the design process – and how they avoid using AI for final design projects.


The Work We Do While We Sleep, According to Lab Researchers

Find out about the significant role sleep labs play in identifying potentially dangerous sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

Workplace Bulletin

What are the Best Strategies to Help us Be Happier at Work?

Learn more about the key management strategies and amenities you can offer to make your workplace happier and more productive.

Tech Lab

Can Technology Companies Ever Keep Our Private Data Safe from Hackers?

As cyber attacks continue to threaten private data, find out what management and development teams need to do to minimize these threats.

Wet Lab

Are Aging Cells Responsible for More Young People Getting Cancer?

Read more about how the discovery of prematurely aging cells could help uncover the cause of rising cancer diagnoses.

Material Handling

AI Accelerates Material Science Discoveries

In this Formaspace executive report, we look at how new AI-based tools could automate material laboratory processes from end to end.


Public Health Laboratory Researchers Prepare to Fend off Disease X

Will the next global pandemic be as devastating as COVID-19, or can we do a better job of preventing the next epidemic outbreak?


The AI Doctor Will See You Now

Find out how AI-based tools are increasingly relied on to provide diagnostic and patient support services.

Tech Lab

AI is Driving Rapid Growth in Data Center Property Development

Find out why the AI-centric data centers are rapidly growing and emerging as the new hot sector in commercial real estate development.


Liquid Metal Printing (LMP) Opens Up New Manufacturing Options

Find out more about how the new Liquid Metal Printing system compares to conventional 3D metal printing processes.


Student Achievement Catches Up After Pandemic Setback

Read more about the new studies from Brown University, Stanford, and Harvard point to a turnaround in student achievement scores.


Finding the On-Off Switch for Gene Expression

Learn about the importance of gene expression and how it might pave the way for improved personalized medicine outcomes.

Wet Lab

Adulterated Food and Beverage Products Come Under Laboratory and Legal Scrutiny

Find out more about the new upcoming legal regulations and the increased need for expert food and beverage testing laboratories.


Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life in the Laboratory

In this Formaspace executive report, we look at the difficulties scientists face in bringing extinct species back from the dead.

Industrial Facilities

Department of Energy Makes Enormous Bet on Capturing Carbon Dioxide Direct from the Atmosphere

The Department of Energy has allocated billions of dollars to capture C02 gases, but will it be enough to mitigate climate change?

Industrial Facilities

Will the CHIPS and Science Act bring Semiconductor Manufacturing back to the USA?

Will new federal industrial policies bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the USA? We investigate in the Formaspace executive report.


Can We Ingest Micro Robotic Electromechanical Devices to Cure Disease?

Read more about advances in developing ingestible microrobots to treat medical conditions and localized maladies, such as cancerous tumors.

Wet Lab

3D Printing Human Organs in the Laboratory

Find out more about the progress in 3D printing human cells, that can lead to recreating entire complex organs for transplanting.

Wet Lab

CRISPR Gene Editing Therapy Approved for Sickle Cell Disease

Find out how the new CRISPR technology works and the role that lab science plays in editing genes using the technology.


Fighting Fire with Fire: Using Natural Bacteria Killers to Treat Superbug Infections

Find out how phage therapy could help with drug-resistant superbug infections that are outsmarting modern medicine.