Workbench Chairs

Workbench Chairs Designed For People

Formaspace is proud to offer BioFit and Bevco Workbench Chairs for your laboratory and industrial seating needs. BioFit and Bevco chairs and stools are a great match with Formaspace products due to their unique ability to be made to order to your technical application requirements.

  • 3-13 Year Warranties
  • Economical options
  • Load tested to 300 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Ask a Design Consultant for pricing

ESD Chairs for Electronics Applications

Our static control seating can be either conductive or dissipative. Virtually every part of a BioFit static control chair is grounded to the base, and all chairs are 100% continuity tested. Additionally, every anti-static chair has a drag chain and conductive glides or casters to assure continuity. Static control performance options further enhance the effectiveness of static control chairs.

Count on Formaspace for static control products to assure reliable performance even in the most demanding environments

Lab Chairs Developed for Dependability

We understand that repeatable, dependable performance is crucial in laboratory environments. That is why all of our laboratory chairs and laboratory stools are engineered and thoroughly tested to be reliable for 12 years or more.

Formaspace is proud to provide the most ergonomic, durable, and flexible array of laboratory chairs and laboratory stools available from any laboratory furniture company in the world today.

Clean Room Chairs Tested and Certified for Success

The combination of clean room performance and enhanced user comfort make BioFit clean room chairs a smart solution for increased productivity.

All clean room chairs arrive at your door certified to meet cleanliness requirements. Class 1 and Class 10 seating is thoroughly tested to evaluate particulate emissions and packaged in a clean, controlled environment.

Our scientifically-tested and certified clean room chairs meet and exceed clean room chair performance standards for these industries: semiconductor, aerospace, bio-science, pharmaceutical, medical device equipment, computers, electronics, food processing and munitions

Place your order today and see why high-tech professionals everywhere rely on BioFit for dependable clean room chair performance.

Industrial Stools and Chairs Designed for Longevity

Formaspace offers a variety of chairs for general use and heavy industry, including metal stools and tear-resistant, chemical-resistant polyethylene seating. Ask us about chair options now!

Call our design consultants at 1.800.251.1505 to learn more about the wide variety of seating options Formaspace offers.

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